WWE Draft 2010 4/26/10 Live Coverage

Change of plans I will be covering it. Going to use a different format for live coverage where I go more in-depth.

Show begins right away with Unified Tag Team Championship Match

Match #1 Showmiz vs Hart Dynasty Tag Team Titles
The Miz begins by getting on the mic discussing Extreme Rules. He bashes Stu Hart and the rest of the Hart Family (I want to see him say something about Owen in Canada it’ll probaly start a riot). He calls Bret to name them The Greatest Tag Team in WWE History. Bret names them Greatest Tag Team but goes on to say, The Mountie was the greatest IC champion of all time and David Arquette was the greatest world champion of all time. He calls The Miz a horse faced idiot also. Hopefully Bret stays on as a manager.

The Hart Dynasty finally comes out and the match begins. Tyson vs Miz start off, they lock up for a while with Miz doing most of the control. Tyson does a pretty cool springboard reverse into an arm drag. D.H. Smith does an impressive delayed suplex. Miz goes outside ring.


Come back and Miz has D.H in a headlock. Big Show and Tyson Kidd finally get in and Show hits a nice headbutt. Show taunts Bret and the Dynasty to get some heat and throws Kidd across the ring (literally). Miz is tagged back in he taunts the fans getting some boo’s and a “You Suck” chant. Kidd does a great reverse into a pin but Miz breaks and does a neckbreaker. Kidd gets a tag and D.H starts dominating Miz. He goes for his finisher but Miz counters into a pin and DH counters into a pin but only gets 2. Miz tries to get a pin using ropes but Bret stops him. Kidd stops Big Show from attacking Bret and DH tags him in to do the Hart Attack. Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter and Miz taps.

Winner: New Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty (finally a tag team has the tag titles and they are over with the fans.) One thing I will say is that DH and Kidd need some practice their Sharpshooters are really sloppy.


We come back to recap the Last Man Standing match between Cena and Batista (which had no damn blood but it did have DUCT TAPE!) During the commercial Big Show KO punches Miz. Finally they break up so Miz will defend his United States Titles. Now we recap Sheamus vs Triple H (5 Bicycle Kicks jesus). Swagger is backstage discussing his match vs Orton then Edge interrupts him explaining he is next in line for the championship. On joy we get a Diva’s match next. Mccool, Layla, and Vickie come out.


We recap when Eve Torres beating Maryse for the Diva’s Championship (which looks ridiculous) and they are partnering together tonight.

Match #2 Eve Torres and Maryse vs Michelle Mccool and Layla

The stipulation for this match has something to do with the draft apparently whoever wins these draft pick matches they earn their show a pick.

Match begins Eve vs Layla. The crowd immediately yells “We want Mickie”. Eve asks Maryse for a tag only to be kicked in the gut leading to a catfight. Eve goes back in the ring only to get a big dropkick to the face by Layla. Michelle Mccool gets tagged in and Matt Striker and Michael Cole have a disturbing chat about Vickie Guerrero. Layla attacks Eve when ref has back turned and Mccool applies a submission. Maryse gets tagged in taunting Eve. Mccool superkicks her and pins her right by Eve. Eve is looking like she is debating whether to break the pin or not (not like in a way she is screwing Maryse but like Mccool botched and kicked her too close to the ring post).

Winners: Michelle Mccool and Layla giving Smackdown first pick for a Diva.

Smackdown gets Kelly Kelly (yay?). SES is shown backstage.


We come back and Evan Bourne is representing Raw. The SES comes out for Smackdown with CM Punk showing off his hair to the crowd very cocky like.

Match #3 CM Punk vs Evan Bourne Draft Pick

Crowd begins chanting CM Punk(he is completely over as a heel and face). Punk starts off by having his way with little Evan Bourne. Punk taunts the crowd more and Evan counters his vertical suplex. Evan completely misses with a roundhouse but Punk sells it and rolls out. Gallows helps him up. Evan Bourne does a springboard spaceman plancha onto Punk and Gallows. Bourne sets up for the SSP when Serena distracts ref. The mystery man aka Joey Mercury knocks down Bourne and Punk his the GTS.

Winner: CM Punk Smackdown gets 2nd draft pick (why Hornswoggle is in the draft i dunno).

Smackdown gains The Big Show. Jericho and Show on the same show? I smell hijinks. Punk should recruit Big Show his head is already bald. Sheamus is backstage.

-Commercial- Might as well check out Impact.

Teddy Long is backstage welcoming Big Show to Smackdown. Big Show walks away and Long starts dancing I think Big Show might be turning face. Sheamus comes out I’m glad he decided to start wearing shirts. Sheamus talks about how Triple H is never going to wrestle again and how he wants the WWE championship. Randy Orton interrupts. Orton says he fought Triple H like a man unlike Sheamus. Orton believes he deserves a title shot which Sheamus reminds him he blew his chance last night. Orton threatens to RKO and punt Sheamus. Cena comes out (Please we don’t need Randy orton vs John Cena for the 10th time). Cena is going to bring in tonight’s guest host only to get a call from Headquarters saying there is no guest host. I’ll admit Cena is pretty good in this comedy scene. Cena tells them they have to earn their title shot in a #1 contender’s match later tonight unless one gets drafted. Sheamus misses a kick and dodges the RKO and leaves the ring.

We see Team Smackdown walking (Kane, R-Truth, Mysterio, Drew McIntyre, and Shad Gaspard).


Match #4 Team Smackdown vs Team Raw(MVP, Mark Henry, Yoshi Tatsu, Santino, and Ted Dibiase with the Million Dollar Belt) Battle Royal for 3 draft picks

Santino and Rey Mysterio do a facedown then Kane joins in. McIntyre eliminates himself, Tatsu gets eliminated by Shad. Near falls and just pretty much brawling.


We come back Mysterio eliminates MVP and Santino helps DiBiase eliminate Shad and R-Truth. Rey delivers a 619 to the gut to Henry and Kane eliminates him. Kane gets eliminated by Dibiase. Santino is knocked out from a chokeslame and Mysterio and DiBiase face off. Mysterio and Dibiase go back and forth hanging onto the ropes. They have a nice battle on the outside apron. DiBiase knocks off Mysterio. DiBiase hits Santino with Dream Street afterwards.

Winner: Team Raw Raw gets 3 draft picks. 3rd John Morrison(finally he can begin his push), 4th R-Truth(bye to Morrison’s push i guess), and lastly 5th Edge(WTB Edge vs Christian feud).


Chris Jericho comes out to the ring talking about his match last night (some person in a bright pink sweater is waving in the background). Jericho wants Edge suspended. Jericho says he will never lose to a rookie again refering to his match with Heath Slater, and wants an apology. He blames Slater for his loss. Heath Slater walks out saying Jericho won’t beat his pro Christian.

Match #5 Chris Jericho vs Christian Draft Pick
Christian knocks Jericho outside.


We come back Jericho has Christian in a headlock and gets a nearfall. Begins to choke Christian on the ropes and does a slingshot on them. Jericho taunts the crowd. Christian gains come momentum. Goes for the Killswitch but fails and chokes Jericho on ropes. Jericho goes for walls into a rollup, nearfall. Jericho locks in the Walls but Christian gets to the rope. Christian jumps from top rope into a Codebreaker. He hits Slater with one after match.

Winner: Chris Jericho Smackdown 6th Draft Pick Kofi Kingston who runs to the ring and hits Jericho with a Trouble in Paradise. Swagger and Morrison backstage.


Jack Swagger comes out and then Morrison comes out.

Match #6 Jack Swagger vs John Morrison(again) Draft Pick

They go back and forth. Swagger does some mat work. Swagger gets out of a submission and does a devasting slam and back to matwork. Morrison dropkicks Swagger outside the ring and hits a corkscrew to the apron. Swagger tears Morrison in half with a spear on the turnbuckle.


We come back and Morrison hits a nice running moonsault. Swagger rolls out of the right after a kick from Morrison and a nearfall. He goes for a Gutwrench but Morrison counters but Swagger gets up and reverses the Starship Pain into a Gutwrench.

Winner: Jack Swagger Smackdown 7th Pick Christian (good bye Edge v Christian sadly)


DiBiase is backstage talking to Carlito offering him something. Carlito leaves and DiBiase offers R-truth a job watching his back and carrying his bags. R-Truth says he wants a Virgil. R-Truth slaps him and leaves. We get a video about Military Appreciation Month with John Cena.


We come back to Dolph Ziggler coming out for the final draft pick match. Also the Draft continues after Raw goes off air so I’ll update that. Dolph’s opponent HORNSWOGGLE still wearing DX gear for some reason!!!!(sigh). I’m not counting this as a match Hornswoggle wins by countout. Dolph applies the sleeper on Hornswoggle really effectively too. With lighter hair the ref and Dolph could be brothers. Lawler checks on Hornswoggle.

Raw Draft Pick 8 Chris Jericho (o cool Jericho and Edge on same show still guess this feud isn’t over)


We come back and Batista comes out before the main event can start. Batista says last night was a joke (i agree). Batista is frothing mad and wants a rematch. Sheamus comes out now. He calls Batista a loser like Orton then Orton walks out. Orton says he’ll beat Sheamus and then Batista. Sheamus berates them again and then Cena comes out again. t is now a Triple Threat and the bell rings.

Main Event Sheamus vs Batista vs Randy Orton #1 Contender Match for WWE Championship

Batista leaves the ring to let Orton and Sheamus have at it. He says the match is no countouts and no dq (when that happened I dunno). Sheamus pins Batista breaks and throws him out of the ring. Batista rolls out and Orton is alone in ring. Sheamus is still hurting outside the ring while Orton and Batista have at it. Sheamus continues to spend the match outside the ring. Finally Sheamus gets in the ring…..only to be thrown back out. Batista hits a Spinebuster and we abruptly cut.


We come back and now Batista is the one outside. Sheamus and Batista go at it in the ring until Sheamus throws him out facing Orton now. Randy gains momentum and Sheamus counters a rope-hung(although it looked like a botch). He gets it on Batista though. Orton prepares an RKO but gets hit by a knee from Sheamus. Orton counters the Celtic Cross and Batista his Sheamus with a spear and he kicks out. Sheamus kicks Batista and misses Orton into a slam. Orton hits an RKO and then gets speared by Edge (i guess this is where that no DQ comes from). Batista gets the pin (guess he isn’t retiring)? Also I guess Edge is a heel now?

Winner: Batista


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