World Heavyweight Champion Loses…..Again

Yesterday on Smackdown The World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger cut a promo about how he beat 2 former world champions last week. He also talked about how he gave the Undertaker a run for his money and tried to make his loss sound like a victory. Out comes John Morrison again for a match. I thought to myself “o this is going to be another squash match between them to set up the PPV”. How wrong I was, not only did Morrison grab the ropes after a Gutwrench Powerbomb. He hit his finisher and got the 3 count on the champion.

How weak does Swagger look now. I understand him losing to Undertaker on RAW, but having him beat 2 other world champions the week before and losing to John Morrison is ridiculous. While this begins Morrison’s push this does not build up the PPV. Hopefully WWE decides what they want to do with the World Champion or else his run will become a joke (like The Great Khali’s run).

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