Top Mic Performers in WWE

Just a list I’ve been meaning to make for a while. This is not about wrestling skills it is simply about ability on the microphone.

9. Chris Jericho(Heel)-Chris Jericho is easily one of the greatest wrestlers to ever hold the microphone. While never really a main eventer as a face he got his big break as a heel when he became the first Undisputed Champion.

8. Ric Flair-Ric Flair has been stylin and proflin for over 30 years. Who better to cut a promo than an old man who is frothing at the mouth while beating his forehead until his face is covered in blood. Flair’s popular catchphrase “To be the man you got to beat the man” will live throughout the ages. You also can’t forget his trademark “WOOOOOOOO”.

7. The Miz-From reality star to pro wrestler the Miz is one of the companies rising stars. He is one of the most improved wrestlers, honing his mic and ring skills. If WWE works on him more he can become one of the great heels of the decade. Simply put He’s Awesome.

6. Ultimate Warrior-Probaly the most insane guy in wrestler during his time Warrior was a force to be reckoned with. Did his promo’s make sense? No but did they have to? No. Somewhere in his incoherent babbling you got the message that when he got to the mic he was going to tear your head off.

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin-The forerunner of the Attitude Era Stone Cold led the WWF into an age of prosperity. He was the beer drinking, cursing, antihero who loved to torment his boss. “Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass” cemented his legacy.

4. Mr.McMahon-The character of Mr.McMahon helped push the attitude era along in a time where they were short dominating heels. Would Austin have been as big as he is without Mr.McMahon trying to do everything to ruin his life? “You’re Fired”.

3. Hulk Hogan and John Cena-Figured I’d put these 2 together as they have similar stories. While these two have recieved a lot of heat from fans you cannot deny their mic skills are what made them the two most people faces of wrestling. Hulk Hogan became the American Hero for wrestling. Instructioning children to go to bed on time, say their prayers, and eat healthy. John Cena has moved from a white rapper gimmick to the American Marine. Cena is a man who will never back down from an overwhelming foe. These two guys move merchandise and have a ton of charisma which is why they were pushed. Any wrestler who can get more kids to a show to buy merchandise is a great asset.2. CM Punk The Straightedge Messiah-From top babyface to #1 heel CM Punk has taken WWE by force. With the creation of the Straight Edge Society he showed himself to be the best heel on TV atm. Everytime he is on screen he constantly berates the crowd of their pill popping and drinking. With a few more members the SES could become the main stable for a longtime to come.

1. (no surprise) The Rock-The Rock is simply untouchhable on the mic. Whether heel or face nobody could stand up to his delivery and charisma. The Rock probaly has the most catchphrases out of anyone on this list. The crowd loved him and probaly the most memorable thing about him is the People’s Eyebrow. The Rock has been in great feuds over the year and I hate to say it but he made a good decision retiring while at the top.

Honorable Mentions: Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Mick Foley, Randy Orton, and Sheamus.


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