Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TNA Lockdown Predictions

April 18, 2010 TNA Lockdown. The card is finally done so let the predictions begin.

Aj Styles(c) vs The Pope D'angelo Dinero. Since AJ has held the title for a while and they seem to be pushing pope I'm gonna give it to the Pope

Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Jarret, Jeff Hardy, and Rob Van Dam vs Team Flair (Sting, Beer Money, and Desmond Wolfe). Going to give it up Team Hogan so this feud will finally end.

Kurt Angle vs Mr.Anderson. Going with Kurt Angle another feud I hope TNA will end.

Douglass Williams(c) vs Kazarian vs Shannon Moore. Going to say Doug Williams retains the X Division Title.

Kevin Nash vs Eric Young. Giving it to Eric Young I hear they want to push him.

Team 3D vs the Band. Going to give it to team 3D hopefully this feud will end so we never have to see Scott Hall wrestle again.

Beautiful People(c) vs Angelina Love and Tara. Going with Beautiful People since Tara and Angelina won't be able to work together.

Why the TNA Tag Team championships nor the Global Championship being defended I have no earthly clue.

Post your predictions in the comments I'll be doing a follow up post seeing how many I got right.


  1. Actually Scott Hall is one of the better workers in the company....but u are clueless.

  2. Did you watch TNA yesterday? Hall barely moved and none of the fans want him there anyway when he debuted they shouted go away I can show you the video if you want.

  3. Actually, your proving your a mark. Hall knows how to work, he was in a street fight that in the story he just found out about as it started, of course he would be in street clothes and and take a beating...its an ANGLE. And fans chanting go away? Thats because he's a HEEL, a BAD GUY, aka DOING HIS JOB.

  4. I've never heard fans chant go away for any heel. It is probaly because he can't wrestle. He may have been good in his prime but he is past that. Team 3D and Syxx-Pac carried that match on Monday.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8sIv6ivJs0

  6. Cheky Littlejohn? WTF? Do you sell jewelry on the side of the road in New Mexico?

  7. Sure why not. I'm done talking to you troll.

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