TNA Impact Results 4/19/10

The show begins with the Heavyweight Champ AJ Styles coming out after his from what I hear amazing match with Pope at Lockdown. He says how nobody is good enough and out comes RVD. RVD challenges him but is interrupted by Jeff Hardy. They both want a shot at the title and then Hogan comes. He announces a #1 contenders match tonight between Hardy and RVD. The winner will face AJ for the championship the same night. Pretty balsy move by TNA they pulled out the stops while they knew Raw was handicapped.

Match #1 TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match
The Beautiful People (Lacey Von Erich, Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky all 3 are technically champions) vs Daffney and ODB (obvious outcome is obvious btw)
Without going too much into detail the BP distract the ref with sex appeal while another uses hairspray on ODB and rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Beautiful People

Jarret and Abyss come out to talk about Team Hogan winning and Flair wants a rematch. Team Hogan is down 2 people so Big Rob Terry comes out and clears Team Flair out. Team Hogan needs another member still.

We come back with Matt Morgan trying to recruit Shannon Moore for his tag team only to be rejected.

Bischoff is talking to Hogan about his new Heavyweight champion ranking system to be revealed next week which we all know is going to be a stupid idea. His secretary is smoking hot though but I guess that’s the point of her.

Match #2 Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam #1 Contender’s Match
Amazing match between two skilled competitors. The only thing that ruined it was the commercial breaks. Hardy misses a Swanton and gets a 5 Star Frog Splash.

Winner: RVD

Match #3 Team Hogan(Rob Terry, Jeff Jarret, Abyss and ?) vs Team Flair( Beer Money, Desmond Wolfe, and Sting)

The match goes as expected heels get the upperhand when suddenly the new partner is revealed to be Samoa Joe who I couldn’t tell was a heel or face based on his facial expression. Joe cleaned house and won the match for them looks like he isn’t playing around.

Winner: Team Hogan

Flair challenges Abyss to a match next week for the Hall of Fame Rings.

Main Event Match #4 World Heavyweight Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Rob Van Dam
A pay-per-view quality match on free TV. TNA really wanted to hit Raw while they were down. In a shocker to everyone RVD reverses a springboard into a powerbomb. Hits the 5 Star and Bam New Heavyweight Champion.

Winner and new champion: Rob Van Dam.

Dixie Carter, Hogan and other wrestlers come out to celebrate as confetti falls.

TNA despite using everything put on an average show in my opinion. I’ll make a blog later today or tommrow discussing how horrible their heavyweight champion decision was.

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