Saturday, April 17, 2010

That Third Belt The Miz Carries

Does anyone remember what that third belt the Miz carries besides the tag titles is? It has the American flag on it. It cannot be a real title however because he hasn't defended it since January 31, 2010 so it must be something he created himself and brought from home.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen I am refering to the United States Championship. On October 5, 2009 he beat Kofi Kingston for the title. The United States Championship has been one of the main championships in the WWE since it was reactivated in 2003. It was originally a WCW title. The United States title as well as the Intercontinental title were titles used to help push young guys to the main event scene. While they still are it diminishes the worth of the current champion when it is currently being used as eye candy and put beneath the Tag Team titles (which are virtually the lowest rung of the title tree atm but thats for a later blog). The US title has taken a backseat ever since The Miz teamed up with The Big Show to take the Unified Tag Team Championships. Don't get me wrong the Miz is one of my favorite wrestlers but he can't brag about the US title and have nothing to show for it.

While I'm glad the WWE gave Miz a push by putting double titles on him (i count the tag belts as one) hopefully they take the tag champs away so we can see what he can really do as a US champ.


  1. Agreed. Even though I enjoy shomiz and what they are doing to somewhat give tag team wrestling a rebirth in WWE, I want Miz to at least defend the US title here soon. Wouldn't it be something if he had to do a tag match AND a US title match? Food for thought

  2. Like last week i thought they should have a tag match and singles match. Like Showmiz vs X tag team and then right after one of those guys vs the miz 1v1 for the US title

  3. WWE has way too many titles....why do their need to be 4 tag belts for the tag champs? Why a US and Intercontinental when neither gets any spotlights. Even 2 world titles, why? Its too much, just like everything in WWE, nothing is special anymore.