Smackdown 4/16/10 Results

Smackdown put on some quality matches tonight definitely one of their better shows of the past few weeks. The crowd was surprisingly dead however.

The show begins with Jericho coming out to do a promo about him losing the Heavyweight title and speaks ill of Teddy Long. Edge comes out to say that he should be representing Smackdown as the Heavyweight champion at Extreme Rules to prevent Randy Orton from taking the title to Raw. Teddy Long comes out to create a Heavyweight title match for who will represent Smackdown between Jack Swagger, Jericho, and Edge.

Match #1 Drew McIntyre vs Kane (i thought we were done with these 2)

A good match with some slow points in it however. Partway through the match McIntyre leaves the ring and heads up the ramp only to be thrown in the ring by Matt Hardy getting Kane DQ’ed. This match seems to be helping set up a feud between Hardy and McIntyre hopefully the Intercontinental Title will actually be defended at ER.

Jack Swagger is backstage complaining to Teddy Long about his match tonight.

Dolph Zigger comes to the ring to do a insincere apology for putting Josh Matthews in a sleeper hold last week. R-Truth enters the ring to berate him about it and the match begins.

Match #2 Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth

A very short match 3-4min match. I really wish R-Truth would stick to the scissor kick as his finish the Lie Detector seems like the most illogical finishing move being used atm. Dolph wins by submission with the sleeper. Two submission wins in a row for Dolph hopefully Vince puts a title on this guy soon definitely can’t wait for him to be pushed.

Match #3 Michelle Mccool vs Mickie James

Finally a decent women’s match with no really visible botches (I didn’t see any personally). I enjoyed seeing the match begin with a pushup contest with both wrestlers taunting each other. Mccool puts some devasting head-scissors on James mid-match with a few faceslams. Mccool moves outside the ring only to be slammed against a barricade which really freaked out a kid in the audience. Mickie gets distracted by Layla only to be superkicked and pinned by Mccool. She gets brutalized after the match but saved by Beth Phoenix.

After commercials Luke Gallows and Darren Young are having a stare off. Kind of hard to take Gallows as a serious enforcer now.

Match #4 The Straight Edge Society (Luke Gallows, CM Punk) with Darren Young (not sure if he is offically in the SES yet) vs The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd) with Rey Mysterio

What i found really weird was we come back from commercial and suddenly the Miz is commentating for some reason which is still awesome (no pun intended). A great 6-man tag match with some creative tag team maneuvers by Mysterio and the Hart Dynasty. Darren Young didn’t get as much ring time as I expected which I guess is to be since he is a rookie. Rey hits the 619 and DH Smith hits a running powerslam for the win.

Wade Barret and Jericho are talking backstage.

After commercial we come back to the Dudebusters in the ring. JTG comes out (they really need to take Crymetyme out of his titantron).

Match #5 Caylen Croft vs JTG

A technical heavy match but was very good to see how these 2 tag teamers do well in singles. Shad Gaspard comes out and insults JTG from the entrance ramp. The only bad thing I can really say is JTG has a pretty weak finisher as well. Shad attacks JTG after he wins but JTG gains the upperhand and forces him out of the ring. I really want to see an Extreme Rules match between these 2.

Edge is backstage saying nothing really.

Main Event: Match #6 Jack Swagger(c) vs Chris Jericho vs Edge World Heavyweight Championship match

A lot of people including me predicted this at Extreme Rules while it is disappointing to not see it there it was good to see it regardless. A great main event definitely Match of the Week this could’ve easily been just as good as a PPV main event with a longer match time. Swagger really got dominating the most out of the 3 he and Jericho did team up vs Edge at one point however. Jericho locks in the Walls on Edge near the end only to be stopped by Swagger and locks them in on him. Jericho gets speared by Edge but Swagger stops the pin and takes it for himself. My only gripe with this was that Swagger should’ve hit the Gutwrench first to moreso make it his pin to me stealing Edge’s pin without his own finisher makes him look weaker. He did Gutwrench Edge after the match but it didn’t really matter at that point.

Overall a great smackdown show with quality matches. I won’t be watching TNA lockdown but I’ll post the results if no one else does. Got some interesting posts planned for tommrow so good night and be safe.


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