RVD New TNA Heavyweight Champion Huge Mistake?

If you watched TNA this Monday or read any online wrestling site you’d know that Rob Van Dam, Mr. Monday Night is the new TNA World Champion. This blog will be looking at the positives and negatives of this surprising outcome. Alright so let us begin.

Rob Van Dam is a huge wrestling star. Even when he was midcard in WWE he always got one of the best crowd reactions. TNA made a brilliant decision grabbing him. RVD is someone who can sell PPV tickets. Him already moving to Main Event Status will surely bring us great matches to come. Rob Van Dam while not one of the best mic performers he can hold his own against anymore and has the in-ring skill to follow.

RVD was on top of the world when he held the WWE and ECW Championships at the same time in WWE. However he was arrested for drug possession and stripped of both. Can he be more responsible this time with his TNA title? Furthermore a lot of people have been talking about how TNA is pushing away their homegrown stars for these new WWE guys. This could not be further proof of that. You have Elijah Burke aka The Pope who has been #1 contender for 2 months. You have him lose at Lockdown only to have the title change hands the next night and given to a guy who’s been in the company for about 2 months. Dixie Carter said Pope was going to have a big year but this is a shitty way of starting it off. RVD winning the title pretty much slows his push to a grinding halt. TNA really needs to focus on the people they already have before promoting these new former wwe guys.

On another note I expected Jeff Hardy to get the title and to be honest I think TNA would’ve done that if it were not for his upcoming drug trial.

Those are my thoughts feel free to comment below.


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