Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kane Removing His Mask Biggest Mistake Of His Career?

Kane aka Glenn Jacobs is a 15 year WWE veteran. He made his debut in 1997 as the storyline masked brother of the Undertaker. Kane is the only man who was able to put fear into the Undertaker. He led to the creation of the Inferno Match. Kane won his first WWF world title only to lose it on Raw the next day. Kane and the Undertaker went on to form the dominate tag team known as the Brothers of Destruction. On the June 23, 2003 episode of Raw. Triple H defeated Kane and he was forced to remove his mask. Kane's last major feuds include his pregnancy/marriage to Lita, the fake Kane, Umaga, and the Great Khali. Sadly the Big Red Monster soon began to be known as the Big Red Jobber. Kane has since been used to help put over new superstars. He's had minor feuds with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. Despite his decline in his career Kane still has a great fanbase. The WWE needs to show us that the Big Red Machine is not down and out.

This has been my first article comment below with your thoughts on it thank you.


  1. I agree that Kane make a big mistake because many WWE superstars are not scared of Kane,they are scared of THE UNDERTAKER

  2. Kane has stated himself that the WWE has wanted to put the wwe/world title on him but he doesn't want it and believe his time is over and its time for the young guys to take the ball and run.

    So its not the WWE, its Kane himself.