Jack Swagger’s Future

Haven’t blogged for a while due to the retirement of HBK (blog on him soon) but I’ve been wanting to talk Swagger and his possible future.

When Swagger won the money in the bank match, it was clear who WWE is trying to push alongside Sheamus. Jack Swagger is a poor man’s Kurt Angle. There is no disrespect in that statement, however Swagger doesn’t have the credentials that Angle has. He is still learning and is willing to learn. In this business, it is very rare you will find those who want to keep learning and are willing to listen. His match against Undertaker on Raw is a perfect example. Taker was constantly talking to him and guiding him through the match. Yes, Undertaker can make anyone look good, but we all know if you want to push someone in WWE taking on the Undertaker and wrestling well against him is the best possible way. But what exactly can be determined for the future of the All American American…..American?

The old saying is, your only as successful as the time you put into your craft. For Jack Swagger to be one of the top guys in the future, he needs to continue working on his mat skills, his mic skills and most importantly adapting his character to the future. Swagger is an established heel and is capable of bringing heat and getting the crowed fired up. I also see him being a face later down the road and a real good one. The reason I think Swagger can be a face is simply put that he has the personality to do it.

Some cause for concern is his ego. Randy Orton and Sheamus are examples to this claim. Both of them were young when the titles were put on them and it went straight to their heads. They became cocky, stuck up, impersonal and basically isolated from everyone in the locker room. The “ego curse” of the title belt has struck many. Swagger needs to stay hungry and never be satisfied, otherwise he could end up being just another big headed superstar who thinks he is better than everyone.

Personally, I believe Swagger has a very bright future. He is strong, young and extremely talented as an entertainer and wrestler. What will determine his success is if he can maintain a great work ethic, not let the fame go to his head and understand that the pecking order is not by the title belts but the respect given in the locker room by the veterans. If you get on their bad side early, it will be a hard ride. Look at the Miz, he has been isolated and ridiculed but he is still working hard to make it in the business. I can definitely see the Miz and Swagger having title matches in the future. Again, it all depends on if Swagger is willing to put in the work. Otherwise he will just be a footnote champion.

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