Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Extreme Rules With No Blood

I'm interested to see how WWE will put on compelling Last Man Standing and Street Fight matches with the whole no blood thing. The PPV is called Extreme Rules no DQ's fan are expecting to see some brutal matches. Now I understand that matches can be done well without the use of blood but having a PPV dedicated to anything goes matches and having not one drop of blood is frankly ridiculous. I don't remember a Last Man Standing match where no one bled. My solution? If they're gonna stop matches for bleeding and ban blading just do it for everything else but no DQ matches.


  1. You wanna know how they will put on those kind of matches? By watering them down and having boring bullshit matches. You want blood in the WWE? Demand it by not watching. After their ratings start to fall even lower than they already are, WWE will be forced to go back to TV 14.

  2. blood is needed in only 4 matches,hell in a cell,elimination chamber,streetfight,last man standing.go back to tv-14 and bring out the blades!