Extreme Rules Proof WWE Is Ready For New Stars?

I did not get to see Extreme Rules but I’ll post the results and a few of my thoughts about the wins. Also I am not 100% sure of the order the matches were but that does not matter much.

Match #1 Showmiz Gauntlet Match vs Morrison/Truth, MVP/Henry and Hart Dynasty

Hart Dynasty wins gets a title shot at draft.

Match #2 CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio Hair Match (I wonder if they forgot about the whole Rey joins the SES stipulation cause they haven’t mentioned it for weeks)

CM Punk beats Rey after getting help from a mysterious bald man (Joey Mercury).

Match #3 JTG vs Shad Gaspard Strap Match

JTG gets the win. It was nice to see Shad wearing wrestling gear for once.

Match #4 Jack Swagger(c) vs Randy Orton World Heavyweight Title

Swagger gets the win over Orton (thank the heavens).

Match #5 Sheamus vs Triple H Street Fight

Sheamus gets his win. Apparently Triple H kayfabe suffered nerve damage and will be out (to film the movie Killing Karma).

Match #6 Beth Phoenix vs Michelle Mccool(c) WWE Women’s Championship Extreme Makeover Match

Beth Phoenix takes a win.

Match #7 Edge vs Chris Jericho Steel Cage Match

Edge gets the win after a spear.

Main Event John Cena(c) vs Batista Last Man Standing Match WWE Championship

Supercena gets a win in probaly the most ridiculous finisher to a match in the past few years. He wins by duct taping Batista to the ring post so he can’t stand up and apparently the ref said fuck it and just kept counting.

Now on to my opinions. WWE is finally ready to push the new guys it seems. JTG vs Shad while both aren’t main eventer it is good that they are splitting up to make names for themselves. Hopefully they get drafted to different brands. Sheamus finally defeats the King of Kings. It looks like Sheamus is finally ready to move into the main event race and rightfully so he is definitely ready. Look for the Hart Dynasty to take the tag titles. The WWE finally realizes that the tag team belts should belong to one of the only two tag teams in their company (the other being the Dudebusters).

Jack Swagger after jobbing to Morrison on Smackdown retains his WHC. The win over Orton is huge for him I foresee a bright future hopefully. A Morrison/Swagger feud would be great to move Morrison to main event status but I don’t see that happening. Beth Phoenix is now top face for the Women’s Division so she now has to takeover the mantle of Mickie James. Edge and Jericho can finally be laid to rest hopefully. Cena and Batista is probaly dead considering the whole controversy with Batista’s contract (which may explain his embrassing loss). I’m praying that WWE didn’t drop the Mysterio joins SES angle but even if they do at least they gain a new member in Joey Mercury.

As for the predictions not counting the tag matches because they were last minute. I was 5 out of 7.

Comment below and post how well you did with your predictions. I’ll be busy tonight so no live draft coverage sadly.

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