Extreme Rules Predictions

Due to the Volcano in Iceland there are really only 2 Raw matches on the card. I expected a Tag Team Title match to happen.

Michelle Mccool(c) vs Beth Phoenix Extreme Makeover Match(*sigh*) for the WWE Women’s Championship

If it was a normal match I’d go with Mccool for the win but I assume the loser is getting a makeover so I’m going with Beth Phoenix giving Mccool an ugly makeover.

JTG vs Shad Gaspard Strap Match

I’m predicting Shad to beat down JTG for the win to solidify himself as a monster heel.

Triple H vs Sheamus Street Fight

Hoping Sheamus wins this in another match that will put over a heel as a force to dominate. I don’t think HHH will be against putting Sheamus over since apparently he helped train him and they are workout buddies.

Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk Hair Match-If Punk Loses he gets shaved If Mysterio loses he joins SES

Predicting CM Punk to win this. They have a chance to make a great storyline with Rey in the SES. He can sabotage their matches and there can be a whole part where Gallows is kicked out and/or jealous. The possibilities are great.

Jack Swagger(c) vs Randy Orton World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules

Hmmmm a WHC match with 2 guys from different shows the day before the big draft. I can see them going with that different with Orton winning but even with Swagger jobbing to Undertaker and Morrison I’ll still give him the benefit of a doubt. Saying Swagger to win.

Edge vs Chris Jericho Steel Cage Match

Giving Edge the win nothing more to say here really.

John Cena(c) vs Batista Last Man Standing Match for WWE Championship

Supercena wins since Batista’s contract expires soon from the reports I’ve heard. If Batista is still going to take time off since getting replaced in that movie I have no idea.

Again I have to restate how WWE is going to do a non-bloody PPV devoted to anything goes matches is anyone’s guess. Hopefully WWE adds in a last minute Tag Team, US title, or Intercontinetal title match (for the love of god I hope the US or Intercontinental title gets defended at a PPV). However without any build-up it’s unlikely any of these will change hands. Not sure if I’m going to order the PPV, if I do I won’t be able to cover it live because I’ll be out at that time but I’ll post the results the next day or when I get home. Post predictions in comments and here is a giant picture of Sheamus to enjoy.

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