Chavo Guerrero Most Underrated Superstar?

When you hear the surname Chavo Guerrero do you think, the guy from the great wrestling family, the guy who was involved in a feud with Hornswoggle, or frequent jobber. Chavo Guerrero is the nephew of the late great Eddie Guerrero and member of the legendary Guerrero wrestling family. Chavo was a member of the WCW cruiserweight division before joining the WWE in 2001 forming Los Guerreros with his uncle. They were fan favorites that would “lie, cheat, and steal” to win. After a feud with Eddie Guerrero Chavo adopted a Kerwin White gimmick. He would play a stereotypical white American however he abandoned the gimmick when his uncle died and even started using the trademark frog splash.

Chavo eventually began jobbing more and more and got less TV time. Most people knew his career was taking a turn for the worst when he lost his ECW championship to Kane in about 18 seconds at Wrestlemania. Chavo would eventually his an all-time low when he feuded with that o so loveable TV time stealer Hornswoggle. They would compete in different types of matches including one where Chavo was forced to dress as a cow. Sadly Chavo’s potential has been wasted as with so many other superstars. Will he ever get the push he deserves? Only the future will tell.

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