Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WWE proves they are still the best

For all who have continually knocked WWE for poor storyline building (Including myself at times) Monday Night Raw proved completely otherwise.

The fact of the matter is this, the Bret Hart storyline has come together absolutely perfectly. Sending out reports Bret broke his leg. Covering it up with a car accident which MANY thought was the kayfabe. And then people thought it was desperation that they would have the match regardless only to have it all culminate to Bret taking the cast off and showing he was fine and dandy....WWE knows how to build a proper feud.

Another example is Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. I personally hated the idea of a rematch but then as I thought more on it, it dawned on me. What if they put on another great match? What if they change the spots all together and tear the house down all over again? All the what ifs that come to mind build the anticipation and is why WWE is pushing for it again. They have the best build up for this match because its personal, its epic and it is the most anticipated match this year at Wrestlemania.

I know a lot of Cena haters will bash this but I don't care. Batista and Cena are building up this feud very well. Batista's jealous and envious nature is something that may be truthful deep down. He may actually feel that resentment towards Cena. Batista is a phenomenal heel and should have turned heel a long while ago. I wonder if WWE is going to allow Batista to beat super Cena though.....it would be interesting to see John finally give up and become a heel. All that aside however, this storyline is very well done. We can only hope it will translate into the ring for a great match.

The Edge and Jericho match is going to be phenomenal. Many think that Edge is going to win but, I'm not ready to jump on the bandwagon yet. Need to wait and see. Edge turning face has gone extremely well and Jericho is the best heel in the business. There is no comparison I have said this many times and will stand by it till someone else comes along. (Sheamus?) This is going to be a great match. To veterans who hold the crowds emotions in the palm of their hands? Honestly TNA may have better tech wrestlers but none compare to these two on the microphone and charisma.

Speaking of Sheamus, I am not surprised Triple H is wrestling him at Wrestlemania. He obviously thinks Sheamus has a future as do I. But does Triple H lose to him to boost his career? That is why I am interested in Wrestlemania this year. Text book story lines that make you think hmmmm what if? Despite many people who think this is an off year i disagree strongly. This is great for WWE and there is a reason why they get so many viewers, because they know how to put together good stories

I know I do not comment on TNA as often as WWE, but that is because TNA is struggling to stay afloat. Even with the appearance of Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy the ratings were still low compared to a Raw show that Vince pretty much threw to see if TNA could hold its own. Until I see better story building and until Hogan and Flair stop trying to relive past glories, I can't take the company seriously. Sorry, but just can't.


  1. Actually all that's happening is WWE is having their usual Mania hype that bumps the ratings every year. Seriously....they're putting together Mania matches 2-3 weeks out? Sheamus just comes out and asks H "How about a match at Mania?" Same deal with Mysterio/Punk....."Uh i want to wrestle you at Mania so i'll insult your family real quick so we have something here." It's garbage. Mania matches usually started 2-3 months out. Batista vs. Cena? Seen it multiple times....same with Edge/Jericho. Taker and Michaels and Bret vs. Vince are the only matches with a real story and hype. This is by far the worst Mania card of all time, and the intrigue is at an all time low. TNA has tons of work to do, and it will take a long time to even get close to WWE, but after Mania, WWE will be back to mega stale just like it is after Mania every year.

  2. Here is what i find hysterical...A.) being anonymous is being like a 5 year. Either you stand by your claim or you don't. and B.) Of course it goes stale after Mania! The best storylines for the year come full circle and then they start all over again. TNA has NO CHANCE because they cannot come close to the storylines WWE can put together. Yea they put together matches 2-3 weeks before Mania but guess what its better than any storyline TNA can crap out.....all you little haters need to udnerstand one crucial fact....there is a reason WWE is extremely successful and its because they focus on making Wrestlemania the best PPV every year bar none.

  3. Fuck aLl you bitches you are all trying to ignore the fact that we all know who is going to win this monday night war the same people that have monopolized pro wrestling for the past 20 years...WWE, when it comes to a final statement tna is just out classed out resourced and out of a job in a few months when vince decides to quit toying woth those T.N.A rejects and that piece of shit HULK HOGAN his time is over just like scott steiner and jeff hardy and rvd and mick foley...WWE is done with them and the boats getting fuller by the minute the only way to go is down. WWE just stalling the inevitable that they are only safe if WWE let's them stay around

  4. God damn, reading THEMANs comment made my head want to explode from trying to figure out what the fuck THEMAN is saying. Jesus man, learn to form proper sentences and spell before you ever comment again. Put down the doritos and mountain dew, calm down, take a breath.

    As for the Bret storyline coming together perfectly, I called this, on Feb 16th actually on a message board, that the whole Bret with a broken leg thing was gonna be used to get Vince to agree to the match then Bret would show his leg really isn't broke and blah blah ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    As for WWE putting together great storylines... WHAT STORYLINES?!!? What story is there to HHH and Sheamus?! Or Miz and big Show with Morrison and K Kwik?! I don't care, he'll always be K Kwik to me. Move some thangs, shut up, WWE may have the ratings, but as for entertainment value, you kids with the ADD can keep watching WWE. I'll be with the adults watching TNA.

    If I had known this was gonna be the lineup for Wrestlemania, I never would have bought tickets.

  5. The adults watching TNA? so watching Hogan and Flair rub flabs together is entertaining for you.....whatever floats your boat