Wrestlemania Axxess Live Updates

Just got in. About to get Matt Hardys signature.

Ditched Matt hardys line because Bret hart came out.

Alright, got to be a bit of a pain updating this as I was checkin things out, so here are some more pics and a little wrap up…

Me and my nephew went into one of the rings and I picked him up and slammed him. Two security guards came running up and made us get out of the ring, they were acting as if we were in there to kick the ass of every little kid around. It was pretty hilarious how upset they were over it. Oh well.

Other than that, long lines for autographs, the wife got Matt Hardys autograph and told him the story about how her and I actually met on his message board. She told me he didn’t seem that impressed and was tired of sitting there signing autographs.

Bret Hart came out and talked to The Fink in the ring set up. John Cena was also announced to come out, but we left before he did because, who cares what he has to say. Not us.

The Undertakers Graveyard and the tiny Museum set up with all the props and such were the best things. It was kinda sad seeing Savannah there in a photo thing and no one in line to get pics with her. Jimmy Wang Yang or whatever was doing autos but had maybe 5 people. Everyone was in line for MVP and Mark Henry.

Oh, and I beat some 7 year old in wrestling trivia and won a jersey. Haha take that kid!


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