Monday, March 29, 2010

Wrestlemania 26 Thoughts And Pics From The Inside

Wow. What an event. These shows are always so much better live. As for match of the night, no doubt it has to be HBK vs Undertaker. As for WORST match of the night? Bret vs Vince was BOOOOORING. I dunno how it came off on TV, but the crowd was dead and there were a few boring chants going on around the building. Below are some pics I took, all I gotta say is I felt bad for the east side of the stadium when the roof opened up, you'll see why below. And some jerkoff in front of us had a damn sign for EVERY match and they were the most idiotic signs ever, as you'll see below, he forgot how to spell "spear" and had to start over on the other side. SREAR!!!!!!!! SREAR!!!!!!!!! SREAR!!!!!!!!!!

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