Upcoming Wrestlemania 26 Coverage

So, Wrestlemania 26 is just a few short days away. And it is here, in my hometown. I am a little pissed because WWE isn’t posting ALL the appearances that some Superstars are making. I missed out on Goldust today. But anyways, I plan to hit a couple of events, and will have my trusty iPhone with me that gives me the ability to post live updates from wherever I am. So, as for what is ahead….

Thursday. Wrestlemania Fan Axxess. I will be doing a few videos here and there from Axxess and posting them as things happen.

Friday. Ted Dibiase and Ted Dibiase Jr are doing autographs. The Million Dollar Man was one of my favorites growing up, if not my top favorite. I plan to hang out almost all day outside of the Best Buy where they will be appearing. Video from that will be up.

Saturday. Yeah, Ill be filming stuff on Saturday, but none of it WWE related. Gotta go film a wedding………………..

Sunday. Wrestlemania 26. We plan to get there probably around Noon and do some general hanging out, who will we come across? Who knows.

So there ya have it, I’ll be doing updates as I experience the Wrestlemania Weekend here in Phoenix. Pics and Videos mainly. Stay tuned.

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