Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Raw Ratings Drop

This is mainly just a little message to the WWE fanboys who seem to think that if a show has high ratings, it means that it is a good show. (Jay Leno).

The ratings for the Raw leading into Wrestlemania dropped 12% since last weeks Raw. Bringing in a 3.24

If you are wondering how TNA is doing in their ratings. Their ratings have not dropped that much. In fact this past Monday, their ratings actually increased a bit. Could it be because Raws main event was Cena and Batista talking. And TNAs main event was RVD and Jeff Hardy vs Beer Money Inc? An ACTUAL main event match? Who knows! Maybe because leading into Wrestlemania, WWE had NOTHING happen on Raw. Boooooooooriiiiiiiiiing.

Since most WWE fans are complete idiots, let me put it in simple terms. WWEs ratings are slipping, TNAs ratings are growing. There ya have it.

1 comment :

  1. Yea lets have all main event matches during the week shows so the ppvs have no meaning to them.....again that is why TNA will never surpass WWE; exuting all that energy during the week to have subpar pay per views.

    WWE is and always will be a better business