Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The RAW and Impact March 8th Ratings are in...

The New Monday Night War kicked off last night, and we've already got the much anticipated ratings. WWE RAW drew a 3.4 rating, while TNA Impact drew a 1.0. Now at first glance it may seem that TNA didn't get what they had hoped, being on January 4th in their initial Monday night show, they scored a 1.5, which exceeded expectations. Of course TNA knew they were going to be the underdog in this war, and they're taking on WWE in their traditional hottest time of the year in the Road to WrestleMania, so all in all TNA did not fail, and did achieve a respectable number. Also keep in mind that two of their main stars that will help draw viewers away from WWE, Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy were surprises on the show, and the buzz around them may help TNA grab viewers for next weeks show. WWE didn't pull a monster rating, but weren't hurt too bad either, so basically they coast along much like their weekly show. I think TNA did most things right last night, and while they will be in for an uphill battle, I think they have the right formula to pull fans away from the boring WWE formula and scripted TV, to TNA's "anything can happen" style over the next few weeks.


  1. You are obviously pro TNA and anti WWE. I Can't seem to get any unbiased accounts of last night.

  2. I"m not biased, I just feel TNA put a lot more effort in, has much better stories, and is giving adults some entertainment, not kiddy scripted crap. If WWE went edgy again, I'd be all behind them. What was great or even stood out about RAW To you?

  3. Thats what I find funny about everyone who just says TNA sucks WWE rulez!!! They cant seem to be able to name ONE big stand out moment from Raw last night.

    Oh wait sorry, while TNA fans had the debut of Rob Van Dam, WWE fans got to see Criss Angel pull a thread out of his eyelid.

    And yeah, I like the RVDs DEBUT WAS HIM BEING BEAT UP WITH A BAT! WHAT KINDA DEBUT IS THAT?!? Its called building a storyline, creating a feud. Something that WWE doesn't know how to do anymore.

  4. I can't believe TNA only pulled in 1.0. That's ridiculous. The show was absolutely awesome. There was constant adrenaline rush through the whole thing.

    I flipped back and forth from TNA to RAW a few times, and RAW was the same old boring routine. It's stale, flate - done. I'm done with RAW. TNA is where it's at.

    As long as they can keep the iMPACT at the level in which they did last Monday for future Mondays to come, they will consistently see an increase in viewers.

    Something that MUST be done though is get a bigger arena. These 3-5k seatings are ridiculous and with all these big names is an embarrassment. Not to mention that TNA is a 1/3rd the size of WWE yet their seating is a 1/10th - no sense.

    I loved the episode though - keep it coming, increase the seating, keep pushing propaganda, switch Stings entrance music back to that of 9d7 stargate - don't go with the same exact style that WCW is, be fresh in some way! Always remember to be fresh because by being fresh will not only attract the old NWO/WOLFPAC viewers but new viewers attracted to the new adgenda.

    Good work TNA!

  5. I respect TNA fans saying they had a better show this monday night, and they surely did. But PLEASE, dont come up with that "TNA is not scripted" and "in TNA, anything happens". That's bullshit. I believe that if there is something TNA should start doing is to focus on giving a even better product. TNA right now is not even close to be WWE competition...hell, they're trying too hard. Not even with the WWE rejects and legends.

    Oh, and also, lol at that stuff of TNA is great at building storylines. Yeah. COPYING the Montreal Screwjob is SO ORIGINAL. So original that Earl Hebner was the referee of the match and that the screwed superstar spit on the TNA's manager. PATHETIC.

  6. As for the ratings. Who gives a shit about ratings? Jay Leno gets better ratings than Conan O Brien did, does that mean Leno is better? FUCK NO.

    As for people going on, and on, and ON about TNA using the Montreal Screw Job storyline, hey, guess what WWE is doing, using gimmick PPVs, ripping the idea off from........TNA!

  7. TNA outdid WWE by a mile this week. RAW was boring.. and I have been following WWE since WCW's departure. And I couldn't tune in.. nothing was sticking out. so i said screw it and just switched it to TNA for the rest of the show. Were there bad parts? sure, but most definately much better than anything WWE has had in a loooong while. I will be tuning into Impact next week and not RAW.

  8. Look I'm a WWE fan, and WWE copied the Montreal screw job with Undertaker and Punk too (not just TNA). Punk paid homage to the Montreal Screw Job by reenacting the same scenario and screwing Taker to end the show.

    In my opinion TNA needs to invest on their marketing. Don West is the man doing the job, and that's it. No extra thought behind it, just Don West selling his generic 'insane' bull-shit which in my opinion degrades the wrestlers a little bit. I think superstars need a greater dollar name for themselves, and hire professional people who will put TNA's product on the map. The product itself is great and so much better than WWE's at the moment, but as far as marketing goes, there's no marketing whatsoever. TNA's got smarter story lines (HANDS DOWN W/ THAT). Vince isn't a genius he's hype who thinks hype will manifest itself into a genius.

    Thank you for reading my disorganized post. I don't revise posts.

  9. TNA won the battle this past Monday night but not the war in ratings. That will be a long battle for years to come . . . .

  10. invest in marketing huh. hire someone else for it huh. bicshoff is a marketing expert. he prolly will hire himself since he went to college for it.

  11. Funny thing. you guys are enjoying crap from wrestlers that were made in WWE. i watch both shows and quit frankly all TNA is doing is Show Returns of former WWE stars. TNA's story lines REALLY SUCKS ASS. you guys are just over estimating TNA but as the rating shows. from a 1.0 TNA went to a 0.84. NICE TURN OUT TNA.
    "TNA STILL SUCKS BIG TIME against what you call is a boring RAW show."