The RAW and Impact March 8th Ratings are in…

The New Monday Night War kicked off last night, and we’ve already got the much anticipated ratings. WWE RAW drew a 3.4 rating, while TNA Impact drew a 1.0. Now at first glance it may seem that TNA didn’t get what they had hoped, being on January 4th in their initial Monday night show, they scored a 1.5, which exceeded expectations. Of course TNA knew they were going to be the underdog in this war, and they’re taking on WWE in their traditional hottest time of the year in the Road to WrestleMania, so all in all TNA did not fail, and did achieve a respectable number. Also keep in mind that two of their main stars that will help draw viewers away from WWE, Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy were surprises on the show, and the buzz around them may help TNA grab viewers for next weeks show. WWE didn’t pull a monster rating, but weren’t hurt too bad either, so basically they coast along much like their weekly show. I think TNA did most things right last night, and while they will be in for an uphill battle, I think they have the right formula to pull fans away from the boring WWE formula and scripted TV, to TNA’s “anything can happen” style over the next few weeks.

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