MacGruber Trailer With Chris Jericho, Kane, Mark Henry, MVP, The Great Khali, and Kane!

Some may know, some may not, but SNL did a spoof of the old show, MacGyver, called MacGruber. Well I stopped watching SNL, so I can’t really say for myself, but apparently it was funny enough to be turned into a feature film. The Wife and I went to see The Crazies this past weekend and they showed the trailer for it and was surprised to see many WWE superstars who are playing part of MacGrubers elite team of bad asses. Here is a screenshot of the team, and below that is the trailer for the movie. Looks like, a renter.

From left to right, MVP, Kane, The Great Khali, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho. Will Forte in the center as MacGruber.

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