Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last Call with Scott Hall - Backstage at TNA

Here we have the "web show" of sorts from the one and only Scott Hall. Hall basically takes a camera, tapes his thoughts, interviews a couple of people, along with some typical Hall antics....and it's really pretty funny. This stuff is no holds barred, no format, no rules type stuff, and it's pretty funny and a breath of fresh air compared to the usual over-produced over-rehearsed crap we get today in wrestling. This sort of thing can set TNA apart from the TV-PG WWE, and is something that can entertain adults. Hall has Sean Waltman (X-Pac, Syxx-Pac, 1-2-3 Kid etc.) on this episode, and features some words from Christopher Daniels, a walk by from Vince Russo, a Ric Flair sighting, and Hall and Pac checking out the Beautiful People. Hall and Pac seem like they may have been partying the night before, which is typical from these guys, but that doesn't mean they cant entertain and give us something different. TNA should somehow include this stuff on their shows and add to the story that Hall and Pac "don't work here" and "aren't welcome in the Impact Zone." Check out the full episode of "Last Call with Scott Hall" below:

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