TNA Officially Live On Mondays In March!

The worst kept secret in wrestling will finally be announced this coming Monday. TNA is expected to announce that it will officially make the move to Monday nights sometime in March.

Many details had to be worked out and contracts figured out between Spike and TNA. But Spike is throwing all their support behind TNA. It is not known the exact date but it won’t be live every Monday. They will be doing what Raw used to do with a live Monday show then the following Mondays show being taped. Either way, this is a huge step for TNA. Who has the support from Spike. If TNAs ratings slip and do not hit their usually mark, they have been told by Spike that they will have the time they need to find their footing. So if their ratings are not so hot for two weeks, Spike will not hit the panic button.

Stay tuned as the story really unfolds on Monday.

I would also like to say to whoever made the image we used, it’s pretty cool looking and you did a great job on it until you forgot how to spell “begins”.



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