Friday, February 12, 2010

TNA Officially Live On Mondays In March!

The worst kept secret in wrestling will finally be announced this coming Monday. TNA is expected to announce that it will officially make the move to Monday nights sometime in March.

Many details had to be worked out and contracts figured out between Spike and TNA. But Spike is throwing all their support behind TNA. It is not known the exact date but it won't be live every Monday. They will be doing what Raw used to do with a live Monday show then the following Mondays show being taped. Either way, this is a huge step for TNA. Who has the support from Spike. If TNAs ratings slip and do not hit their usually mark, they have been told by Spike that they will have the time they need to find their footing. So if their ratings are not so hot for two weeks, Spike will not hit the panic button.

Stay tuned as the story really unfolds on Monday.

I would also like to say to whoever made the image we used, it's pretty cool looking and you did a great job on it until you forgot how to spell "begins".


  1. good and it's about time...

  2. tna should stay on thursdays and raw at its usuall time so the viewers can watch wreastling 4 days a week instead of missing 1 of there favorite shows to watch the other.

  3. tna is going to suck if it moves to monday one wants that to happen!!!

  4. Viewers can just watch both. If you don't own a DVR by now, then it is your own fault for failing.

    Also, episodes of TNA are available on Spikes website a couple days after it airs. It is impossible to miss any show these days.

  5. I think somebody needs to make McMahon and company work for their sopt at the top. Every time I ever try and stomache that garbage it looks like I'm watching a taped show. TNA has all the wrestlers with any actual in-ring skill. WWE's just a bunch of non-wrestling bigmouths. Triple H, Taker, Orton, and Cena are the only people over there worth a crap anymore. Maybe we'll finally see great moments in wrestling once again. Go TNA!

  6. Glad to see a bit of competition coming WWE's way again i think this will either be the beginning of excellent times to come for wrestling fans or it could be sadly the death of TNA i hope that its not the death of TNA as i am really looking forward to hopefully another golden age in pro wrestling