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I’ve read a lot of input and opinions for a few days and I must say a lot of you have a lot of good points. But I want to address some aspects that a lot of you take for granted

We all know that Pro Wrestling is not as it used to be. There is a lot of lazy/desperate action being taken not just by WWE but TNA as well. Story lines are stale, the in-ring abilities are not even a primary focus and the younger talent do not seem motivated for the business. It is a troubling time and I can understand a lot of devoted fans being upset. However, most of you need to look at it from another angle.

WWE and TNA listen to the fans. I know you guys will disagree but they do. They hear people say “The attitude Era was the best” “Monday Night Wars was the best” and so on. That is why you have both companies trying to relive past glories. Because that is what people say they miss! This business, as sad as it is, focuses on one thing and one thing only: Cash Flow. John Cena brings in money. Undertaker brings in money. Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, they all bring the cash flow because of their history. Why do you think TNA brought in Hulk Hogan? So TNA could at least attempt to be considered in the same sentence as WWE and not be laughed at. Yes, you can not ride these guys forever, but they are the stable headliners for right now. CM Punk has a bright future, John Morrison, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes do too. And lets not forget about Seamus, this guy is going to be phenomenal by the end. The TNA staff has some talent in it still thanks largely to Kurt Angle, Sting AJ Styles etc…..All that is needed is for everyone to be patient. Developing lasting characters takes a while sometimes (It probably doesn’t help when a fan base like ours is so hard to win over)

Another thing that has me confused is that there are several people who think the older guys can’t still wrestle! Undertaker and Michaels last year wrestlemania is all I’m going to say people. You can not do a match spot for spot any better than that. The younger talent struggle to do spots, and they 90% of the time screw up. That is why the older vets are still getting the pushes. Its not just politics like many believe. It is also graded on how well the spots are performed, and how well the crowd responds (This is directed towards those who do NOT know the ins and outs….no disrespect intended friends). Again be patient guys, I honestly think things will turn around here soon.

One thing I will say, and have said for a while, the younger talent have a great upside. They just lack the dedication to tone their skills. This is why I’d love to have an interview with The Chairman himself so I could understand why he won’t push the fresh faces. I’m usually able to play devils advocate but in that situation I really can’t see anything besides hesitance of failure.

I think my main issue with some is that they are so negative towards the business that they condemn it. If that is the case then maybe it is time for you to move away from it all. I love this business, I live for the moments I can sit with my buddies and we can grade the matches on in ring spots. I love being surprised when a prediction is wrong or is right. Many have become so spoiled from the 90’s that they have forgotten what the business is truly about (Vince McMahon included). But until Pro Wrestling is completely over and washed up (which will NEVER happen) I will support it, i will criticise some but not all, and I will be an avid fan till I die. I hope a lot of you will as well.

So my main question to all is this: Do you truly love this business? Plain and simple folks

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