Friday, February 19, 2010

Predictions for WWE Elimination Chamber

**The two title matches are the ones I'm going to focus on today**

With Elimination Chamber only two days away, I've been trying to guess who will have their title and who will not after Sunday comes to an end. First, lets focus on my boy Undertaker and the smackdown gang:

It is no secret that Taker has been hurting for a long time. His knees aren't what they used to and there is a reason why he hasn't made many appearances in the last few weeks. Edge coming back at the Rumble is what is provoking me to make this prediction:

Chris Jericho becomes World Heavyweight Champion

Drunken charges aside, this storyline could not be any more perfect for a struggling Smackdown. Edge and Jericho would make a GREAT headline. Two of the greatest heel wrestlers today (even though they are pushing Edge face....he and Chris are the two best heels by far.....sorry Randy you are third) putting on possibly a phenomenal match. I just don't see how this angle won't go into affect.

Now where does this leave the deadman? I hear Shawn Michaels calling for a rematch. here is my prediction on that:

Not going to happen

Sorry to burst some bubbles but you cannot have them do it again. That match last year was perfect. Do not try to replicate it because you will not succeed. It is pointless to think they can get that kind of pop a second time around. Taker needs to take time off and get those knees better or maybe it is time to fade into the darkness for good.....I hate to say this because he is my favorite wrestler, but my friend you have accomplished enough.

WWE Championship Chamber match:

Now what could this angle be? Considering John Cena and Batista are set to feud (I guarantee it'll be Cena and Hart versus McMahon and Batista at Mania) here is what i think is going to happen:

Sheamus retains for a Wrestlemania bout against......TRIPLE H

shocking right? Why not? Sheamus and HHH are buddies and is why Sheamus is getting the push right now. Could be a good match, depending on what happens. I really think HHH and Sheamus will be the last two in the chamber and Sheamus will barely sneak in a victory and bla bla bla....Are you ready for the game.....Wrestlemania match.....yawn. Sorry i got bored thinking about it.

Think I'm wrong? I'd love some opinions so comment away!


  1. I would agree that Micheals and Taker should not go again. I don't think they ever should've went anyway. But, WWE is quite lame enough to try it again. There isn't any real imagination left in that federation. It tapped out back when the world title was exchanging hands every week. Don't you think it's time for a change? If anyone's going to take the belt from Taker it should be someone who actually hasn't done it before. Edge? Done. Jericho *yawn*. Ten years ago these dudes were prime. Now they're just the NW-Old. I remember a time when Wrestlemanias and other PPVs didn't repeat the same matches every year. These same WWE fans that griped about WCW's monotony last decade are supporting something that is far, far worse. WWE now is much more redundant and far less creative than any other "big" federation in the history of wrestling. Ultimately, who gives a damn who wins Sunday? It's going to be the same boring snorefest rejects who lost any glamour they once had back in 2001 or 2002, whenever WCW sank. Without any real competition WWE's gotten worse than lazy. They've just gotten downright dumb, lame, and boring.

  2. ^A-fucking-men just told it like it was, and I 100% agree!

  3. your predictions = FAIL