Mania Marathon: Wrestlemania XII

Wrestlemania XII. Or as I remember it, the OJ Simpson Wrestlemania. Remember them showing Piper racing to the arena on the freeway? Yeah, that was footage from the OJ Simpson police chase.

6 man tag with Yokozuna, Jake The Snake and Ahmed Johnson vs Vader, Bulldog and Owen. Whatever.

The Wrestlemania debut of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Probably the 2nd best match on the card, mainly because its Stone Colds Mania debut.

Oh man, and then my favorite match. Triple H vs Ultimate Warrior. Warrior just comes out, and beats Triple H within seconds. Good times.

Undertaker Vs Diesel. Yeah guess who won this match. Kevin Nash is a great personality, but watching him wobble all over the ring is funny.

Piper vs Goldust. Most entertaining match on a Wrestlemania in a while.

And of course, the highlight of all Wrestlemanias, and what some consider the greatest Wrestlemania match ever. Bret Hart vs HBK Iron Man. Hard to say if this is the greatest IMO. Rock vs Hogan, Hogan vs Warrior, Warrior vs Savage, Steamboat vs Savage, HBK vs Taker, there are many contenders, but I just couldn’t say which match is the best of them all.

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