Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mania Marathon: Wrestlemania XI

Holy crap. After Wrestlemania 2, this is probably my 2nd least favorite. It's sad that the only real memorable moment is Bob Backlunds post match interview.

The Allied Powers vs The Blu Brothers... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz who gives a crap.

Razor Ramon vs Jeff Jarrett, more snoozing.

The Undertaker vs King Kong Bundy though, was cool. Kama stealing the urn and turning it into a necklace? Alright, whatever works Kamafathergo.

Owen and Yokozuna vs The Smoking Gunns. Yokozuna as the mystery partner was pretty cool.

And oh man, Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund. Pretty decent match, but the best moment is the post match interview with Backlund, where he just stares off into space, and says "I SAW LIGHT! DID YOU SEE LIGHT?!" And that was that.....

Diesel vs HBK, the only thing I really like about this match, is Jenny McCarthy. Mainly because I think this really shows the power of McCarthy. This event took place 15 years ago, and she was really hot back then. And today, 15 years later, shes STILL really damn hot. Jenny McCarthy FTW.

And, the main event? LT vs Bam Bam. Wow. Words fail me on this one.


  1. LT did great for a first time obviously know nothing about what it takes to get in the ring...if you did you would have respected the match.

  2. Oh yeah, sorry, I guess watching a first time wrestler throw 100 shoulder blocks into BAM FUCKING BAM BIGELOW is believable. You're right!

  3. Sorry, but if you think that LT vs BAM BAM BIGELOW is worthy of main eventing WRESTLEMANIA. Then not only do you know NOTHING about what it takes to get in the ring, you also know nothing about wrestling in general.

  4. Correction, LT vs BAM BAM isn't even Shotgun Saturday Night worthy.