JBL Proclaims #1 Choice for Ratings

Former world champion John “Bradshaw” Layfield decided that people weren’t paying enough attention to him and thought “I need to make them remember”.

The self proclaimed “wrestling god”, which is comical considering he couldn’t do an arm bar to save his life, says that he is the #1 choice for ratings because he and Ron Simmons had an 8.1 and he and Shawn Michaels had a 4.1. (I’m standing and clapping for you Bradshaw) You wrote on your WWE blog almost a year ago stating how you were done with WWE wrestling and that that chapter had ended. Are you Bret Favre now? wanting to get back into the squared circle, lace em up and give it the ole Texas try one more time? Last time we saw you come back you got to Wrestlemania 25, lost in 5 seconds and quit. Seriously, when you left the Acolytes and became the Wall Street “wrestling god” it became a joke for many.

Congratulations on your 8.1 rating, that is something to be proud of. I will not bash on that aspect at all. The thing that has me irritated with you JBL is the fact that all you ever did is disrespect people left and right. Hating on the Miz, decking blue meanie, disrespecting ECW and getting laid out by Joey Styles which by every standard you deserved. If you think you can bring in more ratings then do it! No one likes to hear about what you did. It is either put up or shut up and quite honestly many will agree for you to shut up.

I was big fan of Bradshaw. JBL not so much. Unfortunately, thanks to Twitter we are going to deal with your boastfulness till you can’t type anymore. Oh happy Day

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