Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mania Marathon: Wrestlemania XII

Wrestlemania XII. Or as I remember it, the OJ Simpson Wrestlemania. Remember them showing Piper racing to the arena on the freeway? Yeah, that was footage from the OJ Simpson police chase.

6 man tag with Yokozuna, Jake The Snake and Ahmed Johnson vs Vader, Bulldog and Owen. Whatever.

The Wrestlemania debut of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Probably the 2nd best match on the card, mainly because its Stone Colds Mania debut.

Oh man, and then my favorite match. Triple H vs Ultimate Warrior. Warrior just comes out, and beats Triple H within seconds. Good times.

Undertaker Vs Diesel. Yeah guess who won this match. Kevin Nash is a great personality, but watching him wobble all over the ring is funny.

Piper vs Goldust. Most entertaining match on a Wrestlemania in a while.

And of course, the highlight of all Wrestlemanias, and what some consider the greatest Wrestlemania match ever. Bret Hart vs HBK Iron Man. Hard to say if this is the greatest IMO. Rock vs Hogan, Hogan vs Warrior, Warrior vs Savage, Steamboat vs Savage, HBK vs Taker, there are many contenders, but I just couldn't say which match is the best of them all.

Mania Marathon: Wrestlemania XI

Holy crap. After Wrestlemania 2, this is probably my 2nd least favorite. It's sad that the only real memorable moment is Bob Backlunds post match interview.

The Allied Powers vs The Blu Brothers... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz who gives a crap.

Razor Ramon vs Jeff Jarrett, more snoozing.

The Undertaker vs King Kong Bundy though, was cool. Kama stealing the urn and turning it into a necklace? Alright, whatever works Kamafathergo.

Owen and Yokozuna vs The Smoking Gunns. Yokozuna as the mystery partner was pretty cool.

And oh man, Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund. Pretty decent match, but the best moment is the post match interview with Backlund, where he just stares off into space, and says "I SAW LIGHT! DID YOU SEE LIGHT?!" And that was that.....

Diesel vs HBK, the only thing I really like about this match, is Jenny McCarthy. Mainly because I think this really shows the power of McCarthy. This event took place 15 years ago, and she was really hot back then. And today, 15 years later, shes STILL really damn hot. Jenny McCarthy FTW.

And, the main event? LT vs Bam Bam. Wow. Words fail me on this one.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wrestlemania Marathon. Mania I - X thoughts.

So, every year, a couple months before Wrestlemania comes, I sit down and watch all of em. This year is a little different. Because this year, Wrestlemania is coming to my home town for the first time. And of course, I will be there. So there is a little more meaning into my viewings this time around, so I thought I would share my thoughts on them. I am currently watching Wrestlemania XI. So I figured I would write about the first 10. Then write about each one individually here on out....

The one that started it all, so many classic moments. Of course, my favorite match out of this one is the main event. Hogan and Mr T vs Piper and Mr Wonderful.

Wrestlemania 2
Probably my least favorite Mania out of them all. No real magic in any of these matches. But Hogan vs Bundy was pretty great for it. Susan Saint James was really damn annoying and the multi city thing just threw me off.

Wrestlemania 3
The Wrestlemania that made Wrestlemania what it is today. Its pretty hard to pick a favorite out of this, Hogan and Andre is a classic, but Savage and Steamboat is right up there.

Wrestlemania 4
The tournament. The 10 mile long entrance ramp. And my favorite moment being, when Gorilla Monsoon was talking about "The Little Dragon". Who will soon be tearing up the WWE.

Wrestlemania 5
The Mega Powers..........EXPLODE!! Yeah, the best thing about this was Hogan vs Savage of course.

Wrestlemania 6
Hogan vs Warrior. Good lord. Most epic match I had ever seen in my life. Face vs Face. And Hogan losing, good grief.

Wrestlemania 7
This was actually the first Wrestlemania I had ever watched. I was a casual fan before this, but it was around 1991 when I became a hardcore wrestling fan. Undertakers streak began here. And we all know what match from this one is the best. Savage vs Warrior. Career match. And the lady in the rain hat crying.

Wrestlemania 8
Back then, my parents had the giant satellite dish in the yard. So we got live event PPVs for free because we could just watch the feed coming from the event itself. This one pissed me off, because the sound was out for most of the event, and I could only hear a few things. One being Pipers awesome promo with Bret in the back before their match. Which is my favorite match from this Mania. Warriors run in at the end didn't quite have as big of an impact on me as it should, since I had no sound.

Wrestlemania 9
Holy crap. Weirdest Wrestlemania of them all. Not really any great matches from this one. And while most people went crazy for it, the whole, Hogan winning the belt at the end just confused the hell outta me.

Wrestlemania 10
Bret and Yoko rematch. Which was pretty good, but Bret vs Owen stole the show. This one just felt weird to me because I was so used to the huge boxes that WWF released their VHS tapes with, and this was the first one I got that came in just the normal VHS case. Strange to me.

So there ya go, my brief thoughts on Wrestlemania 1 - 10.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Maria, Hurricane, and Paul Burchill Released by WWE

WWE has started spring cleaning early this year, and the releases have begun. Usually after WrestleMania each year, WWE cleans house and sends some talent packing. Today WWE first announced that Hurricane Helms (who had been on the release radar since his and Chris Jericho's arrest) and Paul Burchill (who had been feuding with Hurricane in ECW before its demise) were both gone from the company. Then in a pretty surprising move, Maria was also released from the company. Being Maria is doing celebrity apprentice, is releasing a CD soon, and just started an angle with Matt Hardy, the move is quite surprising. Maria posted her reaction to her release on her official twitter:

"Alright guys let's talk. I did not ask for my release. I was released. I am still going to kick ass in other areas!! I am excited about the future! But I am sad about never getting the Championship. I am sad about not getting the chance to go to WrestleMania again. Passion is my Motivation! Time to Sing! Time to work for Charity! Time to Dance! Time to be Alive again! Much love to my FANS, my FAMILY, the DIVAS, and my FRIENDS! There is a bright new future when one door closes another opens! Bring on the Doors! Spanks and Kisses"

Very odd for WWE to release a Diva who is doing a lot of mainstream stuff right now, but all we can say is, the door is WIDE open for TNA to pick her up and use her as a very recognizable face when they start the new Monday night war. Helms could also be used since his buddies Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore are headed that way, so the three could have a group in the works there. Burchill, not sure, he's kind of just drifted in WWE the past few years without much impact. But right now I'm calling Maria Kanellis as a major pickup for TNA that hopefully Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are already working on.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Question for Fans

I've read a lot of input and opinions for a few days and I must say a lot of you have a lot of good points. But I want to address some aspects that a lot of you take for granted

We all know that Pro Wrestling is not as it used to be. There is a lot of lazy/desperate action being taken not just by WWE but TNA as well. Story lines are stale, the in-ring abilities are not even a primary focus and the younger talent do not seem motivated for the business. It is a troubling time and I can understand a lot of devoted fans being upset. However, most of you need to look at it from another angle.

WWE and TNA listen to the fans. I know you guys will disagree but they do. They hear people say "The attitude Era was the best" "Monday Night Wars was the best" and so on. That is why you have both companies trying to relive past glories. Because that is what people say they miss! This business, as sad as it is, focuses on one thing and one thing only: Cash Flow. John Cena brings in money. Undertaker brings in money. Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, they all bring the cash flow because of their history. Why do you think TNA brought in Hulk Hogan? So TNA could at least attempt to be considered in the same sentence as WWE and not be laughed at. Yes, you can not ride these guys forever, but they are the stable headliners for right now. CM Punk has a bright future, John Morrison, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes do too. And lets not forget about Seamus, this guy is going to be phenomenal by the end. The TNA staff has some talent in it still thanks largely to Kurt Angle, Sting AJ Styles etc.....All that is needed is for everyone to be patient. Developing lasting characters takes a while sometimes (It probably doesn't help when a fan base like ours is so hard to win over)

Another thing that has me confused is that there are several people who think the older guys can't still wrestle! Undertaker and Michaels last year wrestlemania is all I'm going to say people. You can not do a match spot for spot any better than that. The younger talent struggle to do spots, and they 90% of the time screw up. That is why the older vets are still getting the pushes. Its not just politics like many believe. It is also graded on how well the spots are performed, and how well the crowd responds (This is directed towards those who do NOT know the ins and disrespect intended friends). Again be patient guys, I honestly think things will turn around here soon.

One thing I will say, and have said for a while, the younger talent have a great upside. They just lack the dedication to tone their skills. This is why I'd love to have an interview with The Chairman himself so I could understand why he won't push the fresh faces. I'm usually able to play devils advocate but in that situation I really can't see anything besides hesitance of failure.

I think my main issue with some is that they are so negative towards the business that they condemn it. If that is the case then maybe it is time for you to move away from it all. I love this business, I live for the moments I can sit with my buddies and we can grade the matches on in ring spots. I love being surprised when a prediction is wrong or is right. Many have become so spoiled from the 90's that they have forgotten what the business is truly about (Vince McMahon included). But until Pro Wrestling is completely over and washed up (which will NEVER happen) I will support it, i will criticise some but not all, and I will be an avid fan till I die. I hope a lot of you will as well.

So my main question to all is this: Do you truly love this business? Plain and simple folks

Undertaker Set On Fire At Elmination Chamber PPV

Here is fan video from the Elimination Chamber PPV. You can clearly see when the Undertaker starts to walk down the ramp when a sudden burst of flame shoots up all around him and he takes off running.

See Undertaker! That is what you get! Karma!

Chris Jericho and Batista are the Champions Heading Into Wrestlemania 26

You read that right, after the Elimination Chamber PPV, Chris Jericho and Batista (who wasn't even in a chamber match) are the World and WWE Champions heading into WrestleMania. In the first Chamber match, it came down to John Cena and Triple H, and we sadly got to see Triple H tap out yet again to John Cena, crowning Cena the WWE Champion once again. But just when we thought we would get Cena main eventing Mania, Mr. McMahon comes out, and tells us Cena is on his way to Mania, IF he can defend the title right now against Batista. Batista made quick work of Cena, and is now the WWE Champion heading into WrestleMania. That was about the only surprise of the night, as in the second chamber match, Shawn Michaels interfered and caused the Undertaker to be the final man eliminated, giving the World Heavyweight Championship to Chris Jericho. So Mania is looking pretty predicable right now, and unless we get some swerves (which is highly unlikely with WWE,) the card looks like:

Chris Jericho vs. Edge for the World Title

John Cena vs. Batista for the WWE Title

Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon (slight chance this could be made a tag with Cena/Batista)

Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker 2

Randy Orton vs. Ted Dibiase

And possibly Triple H vs. Sheamus, with some sort of feud between the 2 being set up.

Overall a lackluster card for a WrestleMania in my opinion. No traditional Money in the Bank match this year due to WWE making the match it's own PPV. I for one am not intrigued, and don't see WWE doing anything too special this year, but I hope I'm wrong.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Predictions for WWE Elimination Chamber

**The two title matches are the ones I'm going to focus on today**

With Elimination Chamber only two days away, I've been trying to guess who will have their title and who will not after Sunday comes to an end. First, lets focus on my boy Undertaker and the smackdown gang:

It is no secret that Taker has been hurting for a long time. His knees aren't what they used to and there is a reason why he hasn't made many appearances in the last few weeks. Edge coming back at the Rumble is what is provoking me to make this prediction:

Chris Jericho becomes World Heavyweight Champion

Drunken charges aside, this storyline could not be any more perfect for a struggling Smackdown. Edge and Jericho would make a GREAT headline. Two of the greatest heel wrestlers today (even though they are pushing Edge face....he and Chris are the two best heels by far.....sorry Randy you are third) putting on possibly a phenomenal match. I just don't see how this angle won't go into affect.

Now where does this leave the deadman? I hear Shawn Michaels calling for a rematch. here is my prediction on that:

Not going to happen

Sorry to burst some bubbles but you cannot have them do it again. That match last year was perfect. Do not try to replicate it because you will not succeed. It is pointless to think they can get that kind of pop a second time around. Taker needs to take time off and get those knees better or maybe it is time to fade into the darkness for good.....I hate to say this because he is my favorite wrestler, but my friend you have accomplished enough.

WWE Championship Chamber match:

Now what could this angle be? Considering John Cena and Batista are set to feud (I guarantee it'll be Cena and Hart versus McMahon and Batista at Mania) here is what i think is going to happen:

Sheamus retains for a Wrestlemania bout against......TRIPLE H

shocking right? Why not? Sheamus and HHH are buddies and is why Sheamus is getting the push right now. Could be a good match, depending on what happens. I really think HHH and Sheamus will be the last two in the chamber and Sheamus will barely sneak in a victory and bla bla bla....Are you ready for the game.....Wrestlemania match.....yawn. Sorry i got bored thinking about it.

Think I'm wrong? I'd love some opinions so comment away!

Friday, February 12, 2010

TNA Officially Live On Mondays In March!

The worst kept secret in wrestling will finally be announced this coming Monday. TNA is expected to announce that it will officially make the move to Monday nights sometime in March.

Many details had to be worked out and contracts figured out between Spike and TNA. But Spike is throwing all their support behind TNA. It is not known the exact date but it won't be live every Monday. They will be doing what Raw used to do with a live Monday show then the following Mondays show being taped. Either way, this is a huge step for TNA. Who has the support from Spike. If TNAs ratings slip and do not hit their usually mark, they have been told by Spike that they will have the time they need to find their footing. So if their ratings are not so hot for two weeks, Spike will not hit the panic button.

Stay tuned as the story really unfolds on Monday.

I would also like to say to whoever made the image we used, it's pretty cool looking and you did a great job on it until you forgot how to spell "begins".

Thursday, February 11, 2010

WWE Survivor Series Is No More?!

Vince McMahon announced today that the annual Survivor Series is no more and has "outlasted its usage."

On one side, it's no big deal, because the Survivor Series hasn't been the Survivor Series in years. But on the other side, it kinda sucks because I always enjoyed it and was hoping the WWE would get their crap together and bring it back to what it used to be.

So, what will replace it? No word yet, but you know it will just be another one of those themed PPVs.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ted Dibiase Set as First Inductee in the 2010 Hall of Fame

The Road to Wrestlemania 26 is in full swing and that means it's also time for the Hall of Fame inductees for this year's class to be revealed each week.

We kick off this year's class with a man who is no doubt deserving of the honor, the one and only "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase. Ted is one of the guys that has been a lock to go into the Hall of Fame for years now, and it's only been a matter of when.

Dibiase debuted in WWE in 1987, and stepped right into a memorable angle that would make him as an immediate main eventer. Before debuting in WWE, Dibiase was a top face in Bill Wattss UWF promotion, but in the tradition of the good old days, the transformation to the "Million Dollar Man" was explained in the mid-south area as an inheritance from one of Ted's rich relatives.

Upon entering, Ted claimed he was going to buy the WWF Heavyweight Championship from Hulk Hogan, which of course Hulk turned down, but these events lead to the infamous end of Hogan's 4 year reign as champion when he lost to Ted's hired gun, Andre the Giant, in controversial fashion.

Andre then handed the belt over to Dibiase, and Ted reigned as the WWF Champion for a few days and even appeared at house shows with the belt, before being stripped and the title being held up for the Wrestlemania 4 tournament.

Ted had a good long run with WWE, having memorable feuds with Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, Dusty Rhodes, and his own bodyguard Virgil. Ted also formed a successful Tag Team Championship team with I.R.S. as Money Inc. Now Dibiase still makes appearances for WWE, including being one of the best guests hosts of RAW that we've seen. Dibiase has 3 sons in wrestling, including Ted Jr. of course, Bret in FCW, and Mike on the independent scene, and we'll probably see at least Ted Jr. inducting his dad into the Hall of Fame.

So we've got our first inductee, and with rumors abound on others, it will be interesting over the next few weeks to see who will comprise the 2010 class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

JBL Proclaims #1 Choice for Ratings

Former world champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield decided that people weren't paying enough attention to him and thought "I need to make them remember".

The self proclaimed "wrestling god", which is comical considering he couldn't do an arm bar to save his life, says that he is the #1 choice for ratings because he and Ron Simmons had an 8.1 and he and Shawn Michaels had a 4.1. (I'm standing and clapping for you Bradshaw) You wrote on your WWE blog almost a year ago stating how you were done with WWE wrestling and that that chapter had ended. Are you Bret Favre now? wanting to get back into the squared circle, lace em up and give it the ole Texas try one more time? Last time we saw you come back you got to Wrestlemania 25, lost in 5 seconds and quit. Seriously, when you left the Acolytes and became the Wall Street "wrestling god" it became a joke for many.

Congratulations on your 8.1 rating, that is something to be proud of. I will not bash on that aspect at all. The thing that has me irritated with you JBL is the fact that all you ever did is disrespect people left and right. Hating on the Miz, decking blue meanie, disrespecting ECW and getting laid out by Joey Styles which by every standard you deserved. If you think you can bring in more ratings then do it! No one likes to hear about what you did. It is either put up or shut up and quite honestly many will agree for you to shut up.

I was big fan of Bradshaw. JBL not so much. Unfortunately, thanks to Twitter we are going to deal with your boastfulness till you can't type anymore. Oh happy Day

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ECW Officially Off the Air in Three Weeks

Well we knew this was coming eventually, and it's probably the best move. ECW will cease to exist in three weeks, after an official announcement made by Vince McMahon on ECW tonight. Vince made a rare appearance on the show, didn't even bother walking all the way down to the ring, and dedicated about 1 minute to announcing ECW was done, and that a new show would take it's place. Rumor has it the new "show" or "brand" maybe, will be called WWE NXT, which is supposed to come across as WWE Next, meaning the next generation of stars i guess, and will basically be the same "C" show that ECW has been for the past few years. I'm not seeing anything new coming out of this. We'll get a new intro, new belts, a different visual look, and that's about it. ECW hasn't been meaningful for 4 years or so, and only at the beginning of the ECW revival was there a glimmer of hope that the old ECW magic would be there, and it wouldn't be just another WWE show with the same old same. Sadly it got bad fast, and for years ECW has just been the low level brand that the new guys or guys they had nothing else for were sent to. So Vince tells us this will be revolutionary...we tend to doubt that one. WWE's road to Wrestlemania buildup is about the only interesting thing going right now, and after that, it's going to be hard for WWE to create anything interesting enough to go to hold people's attention when they're up against TNA.

The real ECW died at the "One Night Stand" pay per view in 2006, and thankfully this WWE version of ECW will now be finished, and probably will barely be remembered in the history books, because WWE chose to make it worthless.