To WWE – Man up!

Earlier today, I was going to write about either how WWE needs to bring back the cruiserweight division or how sick I am of the guest host concept, but I saw something for the second time that really got under my skin.

I was able to get WWE – TLC earlier than others which I’m very proud of. As I was watching it today, I saw something that really disgusted me, not only as a fan but as someone who wants to one day become a pro wrestler. During the opening match, Christian had his legs pulled out from underneath him while holding a ladder. As he came down, the ladder smashed into his face, causing a cut to form above his right eye. Instead of continuing as he has before in other brutal ladder matches, the match was put on hold for about a minute so that a doctor and the referee in charge could check on Christian’s cut. Apparently I’m not alone as the fans began booing when they and Shelton Benjamin had to wait for the OK from the doctor.

This, for lack of a better term, pissed me off. It pissed me off because this isn’t the first time I saw this in 2009, (the first time I saw it was during the falls count anywhere ironman match between Orton and Cena at Bragging Rights.) but it honestly makes the wrestlers look like wimps. Plain and simple.

I don’t know if it has to do with the PG rating or something within the company, but I think it takes away the aura of the WWE superstars. A decade ago, we had hardcore matches almost every night, some brutal ones. Now, I wrestler can’t get a cut on the top of his head without the match being put on hold. Even a year ago, I don’t remember anybody checking on Jeff Hardy or Chavo Guerrero when Jeff jumped off the ladder onto Chavo during his match with Edge at the Rumble. I don’t remember anybody checking on Orton when he got a pretty bad cut on his head last February in his match against Shane McMahon. This is a new policy that I believe destroys great matches.

I hope this is just a temporary phase for WWE. I really do. I personally feel it takes away from the wrestlers, the company, and almost makes it seem as if the WWE Universe is nothing but children. We don’t need our eyes covered.

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