TNA vs WWE – How they could win, and how we could win!

Yes, I am aware that all of you that read this, or skim past it, know that Hulk Hogan has signed with TNA. I’m sure you are also aware that Bret Hart has signed a short term deal with WWE. I’m not here to break any rumors because, obviously, its out in the open. What I’m here to do is give you all my thoughts on how each company can easily take over the other. But please note, this is my opinion which means nothing in the wrestling world, but an overview as I stated, on how each company can take the other one out, or be taken seriously as a contender, and alternative wrestling product.

TNA has been going strong for close to eight years, coming into the wrestling world from the minds of Jeff Jarrett, and his father Jerry Jarrett. What TNA is is the alternative wrestling product to, what many would call, stale competition in WWE. With the company just signing Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, that have an edge within the creative team because you have two men that were in the forefront of the “Monday Night Wars” which ran through most of the 90’s, and led a company that almost put WWE out of business, and carried quite an impressive streak within the ratings, toppling WWE at 84 weeks.

So how can TNA do what WCW tried to do? Be the total opposite of WWE. TNA has to be real and edgy, as opposed to WWE, which has taken the road of a more comedic, childish sense, even dropping the TV-14 rating and going more family friendly in the TV-PG department. TNA has to cater to the adult male demographic. They have to hit all groups or people who watch there show, and with Bischoff having a past in marketing, he’ll know what to do and how to do it. And considering this is his second run at a company not under Vince McMahon, he’ll know what his mistakes were and avoid them at all costs. Not to mention, they have an icon in Hulk Hogan, who, along with Vince McMahon, turned WWE, and pro wrestling as a whole, into a global phenomenon.

Now, for WWE. What WWE needs to do if they want to stay afloat in the long run is, first off, get rid of the guest hosts. While it was something revolutionary, it has slowly lost steam, which in turn, has effected the ratings. Personally, I think it would’ve been something new and exciting if WWE got hosts that actually knew about wrestling. When Ted DiBiase, Batista, and Dusty Rhodes hosted, I loved it because they knew what was going on. They knew how to sell the storylines and the wrestlers. When you have somebody like Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Barker, and Jeremy Piven who know nothing about it, even pronouncing names wrong, well, might as well bring Mike Adamle back. I think it would be great to just have one General Manager, and with Bret Hart back, I think he’d fit in perfectly.

Another thing they, being WWE, needs to do and make the product just a tad more for adults. Now I’m not saying bring back the Attitude era, but I’m saying, lessen Hornswoggle, lessen Santino Marella, and lessen Chris Masters and his dancing pecs. Also, Show more exciting matches. I’m sick of watching Chavo and Jillian lose every week. Shake things up a little, even towards matches. Expand storylines so they don’t end after a month and a half, and please, lessen Hornswoggles time in front of the camera!

With TNA going head to head with WWE in January 4th, this could make for exciting wresting programming again, only if TNA doesn’t mess it up first and ego’s don’t get in the way. If they do, WWE and its “Stale” product are just going to get more stale.


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