Friday, January 15, 2010

TNA impressing......WWE Stagnant

For a long time now TNA has been happy with being an organization that put on good chain wrestling and subpar storylines for feuds. It is crystal clear that with one huge acquisition in Hulk Hogan, you can literally feel the passion in the business. As I watched IMPACT tonight, I can see that the story building is getting better and better each week now. (Not drastically but they are almost at par)

Perfect example is how IMPACT ended. Tomko (who i really can't stand....his promos are awful) loses to AJ Styles and then starts beating on him. Kurt Angle, who was watching the match, runs down and knocks Tomko out the ring. Kurt hands AJ his title, sticks out his hand in respect, and AJ walks right out of the ring. I literally stood and applauded in my house by myself (yep I did). The reason is because you have a two baby faces building up the heat the BEST possible way. Now they could have just shook hands and been "Man i respect you so goo ga ga" AJ walking right past Kurt builds the heat so much better because people love tension. AJ is saying, "Thanks for my belt, but that’s the only time you’re gonna touch it". I LOVE IT. Plus having Ric Flair on TNA has absolutely thrown me for a loop right now. NEVER saw that coming. TNA is taking chances, something the company was reluctant to do for a long time. One thing we know about Hogan and Bischoff is that they will have no problem taking chances. I'm looking forward to Angle and Styles at Genesis. Should be one HELL of a match!

On the flip side, WWE has done nothing special to wow us with in ring ability. It is what I said to a friend of mine last year. TNA needed WWE stories while WWE needed TNA's sense of urgency and desire. TNA got Hogan and Eric Bischoff, two men who know WWE stories better than most. While we are still watching DX (which has me yawning) and Super Cena who has his three moves of doom and will never give up....really. There are a couple things that WWE has me interested in however. One is Bret Hart being an active part of Monday Night Raw feuding with Vince till Wrestlemania. This story has been long coming and has the potential to being one of the greatest endings to possibly the most controversial feud in wrestling history. The other is the push Sheamus is getting. He has the physical presence of that the Ultimate Warrior had but is better on the microphone by a looooong shot. I honestly thought Cena was going to regain the title, but now that Randy Orton is the challenger, which I think is absolutely a brilliant feud in the making, this means SPOILER ALERT Cena is going to win the Rumble....not really a shock since Vince loves Captain Hustle. If Sheamus continues to get a push all the way to Wrestlemania, there is hope WWE will start thinking of better house shows and TV events. Of course since Raw got a 3.7 rating this week, Vince won’t change much. Which means….yippee….another celebrity guest host.

Right now my hat is tipped to TNA. Thank you for trying to bring wrestling back to its glory days. I hope you continue to get better each week and force Vince to rethink his strategies a bit. But there is only one way for that to actually happen isn’t it fans? The answer? EVERYONE TUNE IN TO IMPACT ON THURSDAYS!


  1. Agree with this. Last nights Impact was still better than any Raw or Smackdown in a long time. And with Kennedy on the way it's only going to get better. I just wish they would move to Monday nights full time, having taped shows is the only thing holding them back right now.

  2. I agree with all of your statements. TNA is giving us what we want, and WWE isn't yet, only because they haven't been forced to....yet.