TNA Impact is Moving to Monday Nights

Earlier today we reported that TNA would go head to head with RAW again on Monday March 1st, well now reports from Pro Wrestling Torch are stating that the March 1st live Impact will be the start of a permanent move to Monday nights for TNA. The schedule seems to be going live every other Monday, then taping the next week’s episode on Tuesday. So basically we’ll be getting TNA vs. WWE every week, with every other Monday being live. This is a great way for TNA to start, although of course we’d all love to see it live every Monday, but they’re going with the more financially sound decision at this point, and the hope is that Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan know what they’re doing, because they’ve been here before. Now it’s time for TNA to step up and prove they can not only get a great rating on one Monday night special, but steadily go to war with WWE and even increase their numbers to really make this war happen. TNA has already made major moves with the new arena and return of the 4 sided ring, and also a lot of new (or old in some peoples opinions) talents including Ric Flair, Scott Hall, X-Pac, Sean Morley, and the Nasty Boys. After the initial debut of the new talents, TNA has also debuted Mr. Anderson (formerly Kennedy) and have put him in a prominent position as well. TNA still has some big guns to possibly bring out that they could be saving for the head to head battle. Jeff Hardy hasn’t been seen on TNA since the initial January 4th appearance, and Rob Van Dam is constantly in the rumor mill as a major player that could be huge for TNA. With AJ Styles now managed by Ric Flair and in the role of the “new Nature Boy,” it seems that both Hardy and RVD would be prime candidates for big time Heavyweight Title matches. The ball is now in TNA’s court, and it’s up to them to give us quality, where WWE has given us boredom. With the Road to Wrestlemania in full swing at the same time as TNA moving to Mondays, the fans will be the big winners in all this, at least in the initial phase.

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