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TNA Genesis started off, by giving me a huge smile on my big ol face. I see Hogan and Eric, struttin to the ring, a, FOUR SIDED ring. Yes, man fans were not pleased with this, obviously because they feel the 6 sided ring is what set TNA apart from the rest. But shouldn’t the talent be the ones to set the company apart from the rest? Not the sides of the ring? No more, “rinky dink play pen”. Thank god. The 6 sides seemed too small and minor leagueish to me. Going back to the traditional ring is what was needed, and I am all for it. And then, Hogan ends their segment with, “whatcha gonna do VINCE MCMAHON, now that TNA is coming at you, brother….or sister!” Greatness.

X Division Championship. Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick
Pretty decent match, seeing Amazing Red come out the winner.

Sean Morley vs Christopher Daniels
Pretty decent back and forth match, the fans hating Sean Morley for some odd reason. This TNA live crowd is very confusing, theyll cheer for something and then boo the exact same thing a minute later. They really didnt like the fact that Sean Morley won.

ODB vs Tara 2 out of 3 falls match
Some of these Knockout matches in TNA are better than typical WWE matches. Tara wins after ODB appears to have a boob malfunction of some sort? No idea what went on there.

British Invasion vs Matt Morgan and Hernandez Tag Titles
This has to be the main reason why I like TNA more than WWE right now. An actual TAG TEAM DIVISION! Morgan and Hernandez win to become the new tag champs.

Desmond Wolfe vs D’Angelo Dinero
Alright match, I was a little distracted during this one so didn’t get to see much of it. Wolfe wins.

The Band vs Beer Money Inc.
Good match, Nash and Waltman still got what it takes. Scott Hall needs to leave. He just seems like that drunk Uncle that keeps showing up at family get togethers. I think the best part of this match though was the commentary by Taz, when he kept calling Waltman X-Pac and correcting himself. By about the 4th or 5th time he did it he would just start laughing to the point he couldn’t help it anymore. Scott Hall came out and attacked some fan, thus distracting Waltman and Beer Money gets the win.

Abyss vs Mr. Anderson (Kennedy)
Yet another confusing TNA crowd moment with the AWESOME debut of Mr. Anderson with the crowd going crazy….. only to then start calling him Mr. Overrated. I think this crowd just chants stuff just to chant it and don’t know what is happening half the time. Good match, Anderson gets the win.

AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle
This match made the $34.99 I spent to watch this PPV worth it. A great match with a great old school feel of a finish. AJ Styles using the title belt to lay out Angle and get the win, and then celebrates the win with Flair in the ring. Appears to be a heel turn by Styles, but with the TNA crowd, you can’t tell if they loved it or hated it, who knows.

All in all, good PPV, and worth the money spent. It’s been a LONG time since I paid for a wrestling PPV and felt like it was worth it. But yeah, thats right, tonight, I watched WRESTLING. And it felt good.


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