Stone Cold to Guest Host Raw!!!

It’s a fact. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will man the helm on March 15th, two weeks before Wrestlemania XXVI. I understand this this isn’t going to be like any other Stone Cold visit in years prior. I doubt there will be beer guzzling. I know for a fact that there will not be finger gesturing. Maybe a stunner or two, but I am still excited.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I wasn’t a huge Stone Cold fan during the attitude era, which is preposterous considering he was the face of WWF during that time. I don’t know what changed my mind. Maybe the fact that it seemed WWE was trying to put Cena in a position that would seem he was the man taking over, but I, personally am excited to see “The Texas Rattlesnake” back, even if the venoms gone if you will.

Its also a breathe of fresh air having a pro wrestler host, with the disgrace McMahon is putting before us in regards to his guest hosts. For God sakes, freakin’ Napoleon Dynamite is hosting! The Guys from “Psych” are too. Its just a disgrace personally, that Vince is trying so hard to push away from the wrestling business. It truly is sad.

So back to my topic, Austin 3:16 is back. Hell yeah!

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