Thursday, January 28, 2010

Randy Orton New Contract...and Drama

It is has been reported that Randy Orton signed a multi year contract with the WWE at around 60 million dollars. WWE is no doubt thrilled about signing one of the companies top heels.

With all that money what could Randy possibly buy? well from what resent findings are proving to be true and according to Randy's website a woman is sueing him for "assaulting" her handicapped child. Randy of course is denying the claim and admitted that he told the woman to "sue" him if she was truly upset about it.

Looks like Randy may have to pay some of his new contract towards a lawyer, but honostly the guy may have a bad attitude and a temper, but I seriously doubt he is this insensitive.


  1. Randy Orton New Contract....and Drama... and HUGE PICTURE.

  2. I feel a little......too close to Randy after that pic.

  3. Haha my bad looked a lot smaller prior to posting