Official RAW and Impact January 4th Ratings are in…

The Monday Night War version 2 is in the books, and without a doubt it has provided more buzz and talk about wrestling then there has been in years. TNA provided a show that was loaded with surprises, changes, and overall the big time feel that they have needed for years now. WWE on the other hand provided a monumental return that many believed would never ever happen, that being the return of Bret Hart.

WWE didn’t give us much of anything different outside of Bret’s segments, thus showing that they didn’t feel overly threatened by going head to head with TNA. Well now the numbers are finally in and TNA scored a 1.5 with an average of 2,200,000 viewers, which is their largest rating of all time. The number exceeded Spike TV’s hope of at least getting their usual Thursday rating, and the talks have already begun that TNA may be moving to Monday Nights permanately. On the other side of things, WWE scored a 3.6 with an average 5,600,000 viewers for RAW.

Now on the surface, WWE did score the higher rating, but this initial war was never about Impact beating RAW in the ratings, as everyone knew going in that it wasn’t possible yet. The thing is WWE’s rating wasn’t much higher than it’s normal rating considering they pulled out the huge return of Bret Hart, which is by far the most interesting thing RAW has featured in a very long time. TNA pulled out all the stops, exceeded their hopes, and started many new stories that will be fun to follow if they can continue on this momentum. Many have complained about TNA using old stars….but the fact of the matter is, these old stars have drawn money and can help make more stars just by associating with the younger talent. TNA could have put all their young talent out there, they could have put on 5 star matches, and still no one would have cared. TNA has been trying that method for years and nothing has clicked. Suddenly Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, Scott Hall etc. are in the house and every one is talking.

The biggest question is, can TNA continue to produce quality TV that will keep the viewers watching. My thought is, if anyone can, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan can. Say what you will, but they know how to take a promotion to the next level and how to create interest. The interest is there, and TNA picked up huge momentum this past Monday, which may even in turn make WWE step it hope in future head to head Mondays. Hopefully the next step will be reporting news that TNA is moving to Monday nights and we’ll get to enjoy the excitement of weekly RAW vs. Impact.


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