January 4th WWE Raw VS TNA Impact Thoughts

So, tonight, I had a choice. Watch Brets return to the WWE on Raw. Or watch Hogans debut in TNA? I went with TNA, mainly to give them the ratings in hopes it would drive WWE to make a better product, because for the past couple years, it’s pure garbage. Bret coming back wasn’t THAT big of a deal mainly because, he did come back for his Hall Of Fame induction. The whole Vince being pissed that Bret didn’t shake his hand crap is stupid because when Bret was put in the Hall Of Fame, WWE has a giant image of Bret and Vince shaking hands on WWE.COM when it was announced he was being inducted, so whatever. Also Bret had already stated in an interview just last year that after all these years there is no use being pissed and upset about things anymore and he has put it all in the past. So again, whatever.

After watching both shows, it goes like this. WWE Raw was boring except for maybe 2 minutes. TNA Impact on the other had, did what it calls itself. IMPACT. From the first match to that epic AJ vs Kurt match, TNA kicked major ass tonight. Sure it probably won’t be huge in the ratings, but if TNA keeps going at this pace, WWE could be in some trouble. But I think the only way TNA could keep getting bigger from here and rise more and more to the top is to go live. No more tapings. No more spoilers leaking out. Go live, go head to head with Raw. Give the fans every week what we got tonight, which was a choice. During TNA, I heard “WHO NEEDS BRET” chants, during Raw, during the Vince and Bret segment, I heard “WE WANT HOGAN” chants. TNA had some great matches, some good surprises, and a feel of the old school. WWE Raw had, the same crap, horrible matches, and Bret Hart to hug HBK and get kicked by Vince. Cause no one saw that coming.

To put an end on this historic night, it might not show it in the ratings, but tonight, to me, TNA won 1-4-10.


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