CM (Charles Manson) Punk

Well, last week i was watching SMACKDOWN! and I couldn’t help but notice a little comparison that kind of struck me as scary. CM Punk’s new “Straight Edge Society” is strangely becoming similar to a dangerous cult that rose in the late 1960’s. Yes, I mean the infamous Manson Family lead by Charles Manson. (For those who do not know about this dangerous group, I will touch on some aspect but I won’t be going into deep detail….wikipedia has a good history on it). Now what could be the benefits of pushing this type of story? Unfortunately I do not see many.
This is very dangerous territory especially with the message that could be sent to younger viewers. Being straight edge should not be seen as a bad thing but that is the focus that is being put on Punk and Gallows. Last week, Punk said something that literally had me worried. Yes it is entertainment and its all acting but there are certain lines that should not be crossed and WWE crossed it.
Do you accept Straight edge? Do you accept me, CM punk as your Savior -Punk said while shaving his new protege’s head.
I was stunned at what i was seeing. I remember a video I saw of Charles Manson talking about being a savior in nearly the EXACT same quote. This isn’t entertaining for me and it is extremely dangerous to be referencing a storyline after a notorious murderer and conspirator. Yes it is all good fun and games but what is being forgotten is that families who allow their kids to watch WWE because of the new PG rating and the good role models that are present will see this eerie resemblance and be mortified. With his new beard and hair, Punk literally looks like Manson did in his younger days.
Yes, the attitude Era has been bashed for things being demonic and vulgar, (Stone Cold on a crucifix, the Ministry of Darkness, the Brood, Goldust, DX etc) but this is now a PG rated show. Promoting a bad light on straight edge lifestyle and turning it into a cult (dangerously close to a mass murdering family) is completely wrong on every front. It is a lack of sensitivity, it is a lack of respect and most of all it is a complete show of bad taste.
Quite honestly, the current state of the WWE as a whole has me shaking my head due to lack of creativity and this is by far has me hoping TNA does something huge in the future.


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