Cena….We need more

Now before all of you jump on the Cena hating bandwagon let me point out that I have tons of respect for John but like every single person in this world, there is ALWAYS room for improvements.

John Cena has been a gold mine for Vince since he debuted in those freakishly short tights against Kurt Angle. Not only was I impressed with him but I quickly became a fan. He has accomplished a lot in the industry: Tag Team Champion, WWE champion & World Heavyweight Champion (7 times collectively) Royal Rumble winner, Headliner at Wrestlemania and the list goes on. His charisma and passion for the business is remarkably unmatched and his knowledge of the history of this business is well studied. I would say greatly studied however there is the problem I’m going to address.

John you claim to be an avid fan of the game, a student of its history, but yet you never seem to wow us with your in ring ability. All you ever do is….shoulder block, shoulder block…Slam….Can’t see me….Attitude Adjustment. When Eve Torres has a better arm bar than half the guys in the industry, and that includes you John, that is very sad news for me (No disrespect Eve, I think that right now a few of the girls are more talented than the guys). Now Stone Cold Steve Austin didn’t have many in-ring moves and was “the greatest WWE superstar of all time”. The difference between you and Austin is that he was a rare type of attitude and his in ring was simply a bar fight in wrestling format. But his best match was against Bret Hart in a submission match where he adapted and used some very impressive holds. Adapting….that is what you need to do John. I know a lot of kids look up to you and you are a fantastic role model. But it is time for a change if you want to be considered one of the greats.

Now here is a possibility. And *gasp* Vince might have a heart attack to this revelation. Maybe it is time you turned heel. Denounce all your claims of hustle, loyalty and respect. Give up on the fans and shock the world. Now before a lot of you say it wont work understand this pure fact. No one thought Hogan could be a heel and that lead to the greatest heel turn in wrestling….no not WCW or WWE….but WRESTLING history. Start cheating to win! Dirty hits! become a great heel John or continue to suffer crowds booing you as a boring Face. You aren’t the only one though John. DX is seriously washed up. It’s unimaginative and lacking in nearly every department of entertainment. For those who disagree, stop looking at the ratings and look at the product. It is horribly written and the addition of Hornswoggle is what has me absolutely furious with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. You both need to go back to being singles wrestlers…..its boring and stale thanks to your “hilarious” skits. If Vince wants DX to do well, bring back the New Age Outlaws and pit them against DX. That is a storyline I believe would be well recieved by all. New viewers and old viewers alike.

But back to you John. I’m not going to chant “You suck” or “Same ole’ s#*@”. I honestly think you have potential to be the greatest of all if you reinvent yourself. Now here is the problem, can you adapt and change? Maybe you should limit your workout since your so big it may be too hard to move around and be nimble. Add more cardio to your workout instead of muscle building. Then, watch some Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat matches, Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko, or even watch LOD Hawk and Animal. Those guys were brutes and adored because of how hard they would hit people. Get in the ring more! try new moves……truly become a student, become a respected wrestler…not showman or role model, these attributes you’ve accomplished already.

I know that becoming a Heel may be something you are hesitant to do….but in the eyes of the true wrestling fans, this is something that has been long over due. We need more from you John or honestly, just retire. I know that is drastic of me to say but every person I talk to who is a wrestling fan to their core is tired of “Super Cena” as they tell me. I believe you can be a great heel as you were. The day you turn heel is a day WWE is making the attempt to be a wrestling company who develops characters to their core, not just through benefit of money.

We can’t see you John, and it is because we can predict what your going to do in matches. Thus, we turn our heads in disappointment.

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