Bring back the Cruiserweights!

I recently watched the Homecoming Battle Royal on ECW last week and was saddened to see Evan Bourne aka Matt Sydal eliminated first. Here’s a man that came into the company with high expectations behind him. He was being referred to as “The Next Rey Mysterio” by several different sources. Now he’s constantly on the losing side of the spectrum that is the WWE Universe.

He’s not alone though. There are so many men within WWE that may be small in stature but put on some of the best matches on the card, regardless of there spot in WWE. Some men that came in with, just like Bourne, a lot of fire behind them and a lot of hope to succeed and become somebody great. I’m talking about Bourne, Primo Colon, Jimmy Wang Yang, even Slam Master J, better known as Jesse of Jesse and Festus (and the son of Terry Gordy, a member of the illustrious Fabulous Freebirds.)

This is one reason why TNA is on the map. Its X division was something that, while it wasn’t new, it was fresh in comparison WWE’s cruiserweight division, which took quite a bump towards the end of its tenure in WWE.

My hopes and dreams are that WWE realizes what they’re missing on a weekly basis and bring back the Cruiserweight division, whether it be on Raw, its old home on Smackdown, or something to amp up ECW.

I’m tired of seeing these men waste there talents every week while other, less deserving wrestlers get a bump on the card with wins over these ring warriors.

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