Bobby Lashley Dominates in Strikeforce Debut

Bobby Lashley made his Strikeforce debut earlier tonight against Wes Sims of The Ultimate Fighter fame. Lashley went into this fight with a 4-0 record, but this was the first time Lashley got to fight in one of the 2 top MMA promotions in the U.S. right now. Of course Lashley’s involvement with pro wrestling was heavily mentioned, with both his history with WWE and TNA brought up a few times. For anyone that doubted Lashley was the real deal, and was just another pro wrestler trying to get in on Brock Lesnar’s success, Lashley proved he was the real deal in MMA by dominating Wes Sims with a TKO win in the first round. Lashley took Sims down fast, unloaded punches, and never really seemed to be in any trouble. After Lashley took the back, Sims laid flat on the mat, causing the referee to stop the fight, although Sims complained about the call. It was evident to anyone that Lashley won convincingly, and is going to be ready for some big fights in Strikeforce. Rumblings about a fight with Fedor have already been making the rounds, and this win will probably only push the idea more. With the more success Lashley sees in MMA, one has to wonder how much we will see him in TNA at this point.

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