Sunday, January 31, 2010

Edge Returns and Wins the Royal Rumble!

In a nice twist by WWE, they not only brought back Edge as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble, but Edge actually pulled out the win, and has won a title shot at Wrestlemania.

Leading into the Rumble, there were rumors that Edge was about ready for a return and that the return could even be made at the Rumble to confront his former tag team partner Chris Jericho. Well as Jericho entered the Rumble at 28, Edge entered at 29 to a huge ovation and cleaned house on Jericho and everyone else in the ring. Batista entered as number 30, and the stage was set as the final few competitors were left in the Rumble. Shawn Michaels was a favorite going in, with his possible rematch with The Undertaker on the line, Cena always has to be considered a favorite since it's WWE, and even Batista seemed to be a possible winner given his recent heel push.

The word has been that Edge vs. Jericho would be the plan for Mania, but to WWE's credit they went with the swerve and Edge won the Rumble, last eliminating Cena.

So with Edge now back and immediately back in the main event picture, it throws off the Mania plans that have been rumored for a few months which included an Edge vs. Jericho match. Now with one pay per view before Wrestlemania, we have Edge getting a title shot at one of the champions, both of whom retained their titles at the Rumble.

It seems WWE knows that TNA is making moves to compete, so it's time to shake up their programming as well, which is a very necessary move if they are going to keep our interest.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bobby Lashley Dominates in Strikeforce Debut

Bobby Lashley made his Strikeforce debut earlier tonight against Wes Sims of The Ultimate Fighter fame. Lashley went into this fight with a 4-0 record, but this was the first time Lashley got to fight in one of the 2 top MMA promotions in the U.S. right now. Of course Lashley's involvement with pro wrestling was heavily mentioned, with both his history with WWE and TNA brought up a few times. For anyone that doubted Lashley was the real deal, and was just another pro wrestler trying to get in on Brock Lesnar's success, Lashley proved he was the real deal in MMA by dominating Wes Sims with a TKO win in the first round. Lashley took Sims down fast, unloaded punches, and never really seemed to be in any trouble. After Lashley took the back, Sims laid flat on the mat, causing the referee to stop the fight, although Sims complained about the call. It was evident to anyone that Lashley won convincingly, and is going to be ready for some big fights in Strikeforce. Rumblings about a fight with Fedor have already been making the rounds, and this win will probably only push the idea more. With the more success Lashley sees in MMA, one has to wonder how much we will see him in TNA at this point.

Friday, January 29, 2010

CM (Charles Manson) Punk

Well, last week i was watching SMACKDOWN! and I couldn't help but notice a little comparison that kind of struck me as scary. CM Punk's new "Straight Edge Society" is strangely becoming similar to a dangerous cult that rose in the late 1960's. Yes, I mean the infamous Manson Family lead by Charles Manson. (For those who do not know about this dangerous group, I will touch on some aspect but I won't be going into deep detail....wikipedia has a good history on it). Now what could be the benefits of pushing this type of story? Unfortunately I do not see many.
This is very dangerous territory especially with the message that could be sent to younger viewers. Being straight edge should not be seen as a bad thing but that is the focus that is being put on Punk and Gallows. Last week, Punk said something that literally had me worried. Yes it is entertainment and its all acting but there are certain lines that should not be crossed and WWE crossed it.
Do you accept Straight edge? Do you accept me, CM punk as your Savior -Punk said while shaving his new protege's head.
I was stunned at what i was seeing. I remember a video I saw of Charles Manson talking about being a savior in nearly the EXACT same quote. This isn't entertaining for me and it is extremely dangerous to be referencing a storyline after a notorious murderer and conspirator. Yes it is all good fun and games but what is being forgotten is that families who allow their kids to watch WWE because of the new PG rating and the good role models that are present will see this eerie resemblance and be mortified. With his new beard and hair, Punk literally looks like Manson did in his younger days.
Yes, the attitude Era has been bashed for things being demonic and vulgar, (Stone Cold on a crucifix, the Ministry of Darkness, the Brood, Goldust, DX etc) but this is now a PG rated show. Promoting a bad light on straight edge lifestyle and turning it into a cult (dangerously close to a mass murdering family) is completely wrong on every front. It is a lack of sensitivity, it is a lack of respect and most of all it is a complete show of bad taste.
Quite honestly, the current state of the WWE as a whole has me shaking my head due to lack of creativity and this is by far has me hoping TNA does something huge in the future.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chris Jericho and Hurricane Helms Arrested, Matt Hardy Also Involved

The big gossip going on right now is the arrest of Chris Jericho and Greg "Hurricane" Helms early Wednesday morning in Kentucky 20 miles from where the Smackdown tapings were held, with more and more details coming forth. According to TMZ, Helms allegedly struck three people in a taxi, including a female. The cab was also was also carrying Chris Jericho and apparently Matt Hardy. The alleged story says that Helms and Hardy both ran from the scene, but Helms eventually returned, where he was arrested with Jericho for alcohol intoxication at a public place at the gas station where the cab driver stopped and called 911. Helms and Jericho's mug shot is all over TMZ, and the Hardy tidbit is a new piece of information on this situation. Apparently Hardy fled and didn't return, but no one is pursuing charges against Hardy. The female involved has decided not to press charges, but one of the males is still deciding if he will press charges against Helms. Being Jericho is a top star right now in WWE, he probably won't get any kind of disciplinary action, but it wouldn't shock us to see Helms gone soon, being he isn't doing much of anything in ECW. If Helms is gone, don't be surprised to see him pop up with TNA alongside his other troublesome North Carolina friend, Jeff Hardy.

Randy Orton New Contract...and Drama

It is has been reported that Randy Orton signed a multi year contract with the WWE at around 60 million dollars. WWE is no doubt thrilled about signing one of the companies top heels.

With all that money what could Randy possibly buy? well from what resent findings are proving to be true and according to Randy's website a woman is sueing him for "assaulting" her handicapped child. Randy of course is denying the claim and admitted that he told the woman to "sue" him if she was truly upset about it.

Looks like Randy may have to pay some of his new contract towards a lawyer, but honostly the guy may have a bad attitude and a temper, but I seriously doubt he is this insensitive.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TNA Impact is Moving to Monday Nights

Earlier today we reported that TNA would go head to head with RAW again on Monday March 1st, well now reports from Pro Wrestling Torch are stating that the March 1st live Impact will be the start of a permanent move to Monday nights for TNA. The schedule seems to be going live every other Monday, then taping the next week's episode on Tuesday. So basically we'll be getting TNA vs. WWE every week, with every other Monday being live. This is a great way for TNA to start, although of course we'd all love to see it live every Monday, but they're going with the more financially sound decision at this point, and the hope is that Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan know what they're doing, because they've been here before. Now it's time for TNA to step up and prove they can not only get a great rating on one Monday night special, but steadily go to war with WWE and even increase their numbers to really make this war happen. TNA has already made major moves with the new arena and return of the 4 sided ring, and also a lot of new (or old in some peoples opinions) talents including Ric Flair, Scott Hall, X-Pac, Sean Morley, and the Nasty Boys. After the initial debut of the new talents, TNA has also debuted Mr. Anderson (formerly Kennedy) and have put him in a prominent position as well. TNA still has some big guns to possibly bring out that they could be saving for the head to head battle. Jeff Hardy hasn't been seen on TNA since the initial January 4th appearance, and Rob Van Dam is constantly in the rumor mill as a major player that could be huge for TNA. With AJ Styles now managed by Ric Flair and in the role of the "new Nature Boy," it seems that both Hardy and RVD would be prime candidates for big time Heavyweight Title matches. The ball is now in TNA's court, and it's up to them to give us quality, where WWE has given us boredom. With the Road to Wrestlemania in full swing at the same time as TNA moving to Mondays, the fans will be the big winners in all this, at least in the initial phase.

Monday March 1st.... Raw vs Impact 2!

Spike TV confirmed today that TNA Impact will go live once again on Monday March 1st going head to head against Raw! Could this be the start of Impact moving to Monday nights for good? Time will tell!

The Miz............ IS.............AWESOME!!!!!!

I think it is a pretty safe bet that most people would agree with me on this. The Miz is the ONLY entertaining part of Raw, who can also back it up.

To me, The Miz has a bit of that old school feel. If we took a time machine and sent him back to the late 80s or early 90s, he would fit right in with the heels of back then. The Rudes, the Perfects, all of em. Yes, that is right, I put The Miz on the same level as Rude and Perfect.

To me, currently, he is the best on the mic in the company. His current feud with MVP is kinda boring mainly because The Miz comes out and cuts a great promo, and out comes MVP and makes it boring. The Miz shuts him down every time with little effort, and I have gone from hating The Miz, to liking him, and I don't think I am alone, take a listen........skip to the 7 minute mark.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cena....We need more

Now before all of you jump on the Cena hating bandwagon let me point out that I have tons of respect for John but like every single person in this world, there is ALWAYS room for improvements.

John Cena has been a gold mine for Vince since he debuted in those freakishly short tights against Kurt Angle. Not only was I impressed with him but I quickly became a fan. He has accomplished a lot in the industry: Tag Team Champion, WWE champion & World Heavyweight Champion (7 times collectively) Royal Rumble winner, Headliner at Wrestlemania and the list goes on. His charisma and passion for the business is remarkably unmatched and his knowledge of the history of this business is well studied. I would say greatly studied however there is the problem I'm going to address.

John you claim to be an avid fan of the game, a student of its history, but yet you never seem to wow us with your in ring ability. All you ever do is....shoulder block, shoulder block...Slam....Can't see me....Attitude Adjustment. When Eve Torres has a better arm bar than half the guys in the industry, and that includes you John, that is very sad news for me (No disrespect Eve, I think that right now a few of the girls are more talented than the guys). Now Stone Cold Steve Austin didn't have many in-ring moves and was "the greatest WWE superstar of all time". The difference between you and Austin is that he was a rare type of attitude and his in ring was simply a bar fight in wrestling format. But his best match was against Bret Hart in a submission match where he adapted and used some very impressive holds. Adapting....that is what you need to do John. I know a lot of kids look up to you and you are a fantastic role model. But it is time for a change if you want to be considered one of the greats.

Now here is a possibility. And *gasp* Vince might have a heart attack to this revelation. Maybe it is time you turned heel. Denounce all your claims of hustle, loyalty and respect. Give up on the fans and shock the world. Now before a lot of you say it wont work understand this pure fact. No one thought Hogan could be a heel and that lead to the greatest heel turn in not WCW or WWE....but WRESTLING history. Start cheating to win! Dirty hits! become a great heel John or continue to suffer crowds booing you as a boring Face. You aren't the only one though John. DX is seriously washed up. It's unimaginative and lacking in nearly every department of entertainment. For those who disagree, stop looking at the ratings and look at the product. It is horribly written and the addition of Hornswoggle is what has me absolutely furious with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. You both need to go back to being singles wrestlers.....its boring and stale thanks to your "hilarious" skits. If Vince wants DX to do well, bring back the New Age Outlaws and pit them against DX. That is a storyline I believe would be well recieved by all. New viewers and old viewers alike.

But back to you John. I'm not going to chant "You suck" or "Same ole' s#*@". I honestly think you have potential to be the greatest of all if you reinvent yourself. Now here is the problem, can you adapt and change? Maybe you should limit your workout since your so big it may be too hard to move around and be nimble. Add more cardio to your workout instead of muscle building. Then, watch some Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat matches, Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko, or even watch LOD Hawk and Animal. Those guys were brutes and adored because of how hard they would hit people. Get in the ring more! try new moves......truly become a student, become a respected wrestler...not showman or role model, these attributes you've accomplished already.

I know that becoming a Heel may be something you are hesitant to do....but in the eyes of the true wrestling fans, this is something that has been long over due. We need more from you John or honestly, just retire. I know that is drastic of me to say but every person I talk to who is a wrestling fan to their core is tired of "Super Cena" as they tell me. I believe you can be a great heel as you were. The day you turn heel is a day WWE is making the attempt to be a wrestling company who develops characters to their core, not just through benefit of money.

We can't see you John, and it is because we can predict what your going to do in matches. Thus, we turn our heads in disappointment.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bring back the Cruiserweights!

I recently watched the Homecoming Battle Royal on ECW last week and was saddened to see Evan Bourne aka Matt Sydal eliminated first. Here's a man that came into the company with high expectations behind him. He was being referred to as "The Next Rey Mysterio" by several different sources. Now he's constantly on the losing side of the spectrum that is the WWE Universe.

He's not alone though. There are so many men within WWE that may be small in stature but put on some of the best matches on the card, regardless of there spot in WWE. Some men that came in with, just like Bourne, a lot of fire behind them and a lot of hope to succeed and become somebody great. I'm talking about Bourne, Primo Colon, Jimmy Wang Yang, even Slam Master J, better known as Jesse of Jesse and Festus (and the son of Terry Gordy, a member of the illustrious Fabulous Freebirds.)

This is one reason why TNA is on the map. Its X division was something that, while it wasn't new, it was fresh in comparison WWE's cruiserweight division, which took quite a bump towards the end of its tenure in WWE.

My hopes and dreams are that WWE realizes what they're missing on a weekly basis and bring back the Cruiserweight division, whether it be on Raw, its old home on Smackdown, or something to amp up ECW.

I'm tired of seeing these men waste there talents every week while other, less deserving wrestlers get a bump on the card with wins over these ring warriors.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Awesome Kong Punches Bubba the Love Sponge in the Face for Haiti

Without a doubt, one of our hottest topics on PWR has been Bubba the Love Sponge's comments about Haiti, and not many people appreciate Bubba's comments since the most people are trying to help with the Haiti situation. One of the main supporters of raising money for Haiti has been TNA Knockout Awesome Kong. Well for all of you who were hoping Bubba got taught a lesson for his comments, Awesome Kong has served justice. Apparently at the TNA tapings yesterday, Kong walked right up to Bubba backstage, and punched him in the face not once, but twice, proclaiming "this is for Haiti!" Here is a summary of what Bubba had to say about the incident this morning on his radio show:

"She was wearing wrestling gear, and she came in on me and sucker punched me right on my left cheek, and I was like, what's going on... then she came out me again, hit me again in the mouth, and she goes, 'This if for Haiti! This is for Haiti!' and I'm like 'What is going on?' Finally I put my left hand out and push her away from me, and she comes at me again and I just cover up, because I cannot fight back on a woman. Not only will I be fired from TNA, which I probably am, but my radio career is gone if I take a woman out!"

Both Bubba and Kong were sent home from the tapings, and I can't imagine Bubba's future in TNA looking too bright after first the comments, and now this incident.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Vintage WWF Commercial: Talking Figures

WWE had a lot of great commercials back in the days of the, WWF. But my favorite one has to be the talking figures commercial, not because of the figures, but because of Macho Man.

WWE Royal Rumble Prediction

I will make this prediction now, mainly because WWE couldn't have been more obvious about this tonight.

Triple H will win the Royal Rumble. After eliminating HBK. Triple H and Shawn Michaels will end up being the final two left in the Rumble.There you have it, now if it happens, every reader of this site owes me 1 can of soda pop. And none of that Sams Choice crap either! You owe me the ever elusive PIBB XTRA!

Proof That WWE Is Same Ol Stuff....

Just a little tidbit to point out. Last week on Raw, we had our typical pointless RAW TRIVIA! Which read that over 70% of the Royal Rumble winners have gone on to win the championship at Wrestlemania!

And our typical pointless trivia for tonight? "More than half of the Royal Rumble winners have gone on to win the championships at the Royal Rumble!"

Wow.Just wow.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

TNA Genesis Results / Reviews

TNA Genesis started off, by giving me a huge smile on my big ol face. I see Hogan and Eric, struttin to the ring, a, FOUR SIDED ring. Yes, man fans were not pleased with this, obviously because they feel the 6 sided ring is what set TNA apart from the rest. But shouldn't the talent be the ones to set the company apart from the rest? Not the sides of the ring? No more, "rinky dink play pen". Thank god. The 6 sides seemed too small and minor leagueish to me. Going back to the traditional ring is what was needed, and I am all for it. And then, Hogan ends their segment with, "whatcha gonna do VINCE MCMAHON, now that TNA is coming at you, brother....or sister!" Greatness.

X Division Championship. Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick
Pretty decent match, seeing Amazing Red come out the winner.

Sean Morley vs Christopher Daniels
Pretty decent back and forth match, the fans hating Sean Morley for some odd reason. This TNA live crowd is very confusing, theyll cheer for something and then boo the exact same thing a minute later. They really didnt like the fact that Sean Morley won.

ODB vs Tara 2 out of 3 falls match
Some of these Knockout matches in TNA are better than typical WWE matches. Tara wins after ODB appears to have a boob malfunction of some sort? No idea what went on there.

British Invasion vs Matt Morgan and Hernandez Tag Titles
This has to be the main reason why I like TNA more than WWE right now. An actual TAG TEAM DIVISION! Morgan and Hernandez win to become the new tag champs.

Desmond Wolfe vs D'Angelo Dinero
Alright match, I was a little distracted during this one so didn't get to see much of it. Wolfe wins.

The Band vs Beer Money Inc.
Good match, Nash and Waltman still got what it takes. Scott Hall needs to leave. He just seems like that drunk Uncle that keeps showing up at family get togethers. I think the best part of this match though was the commentary by Taz, when he kept calling Waltman X-Pac and correcting himself. By about the 4th or 5th time he did it he would just start laughing to the point he couldn't help it anymore. Scott Hall came out and attacked some fan, thus distracting Waltman and Beer Money gets the win.

Abyss vs Mr. Anderson (Kennedy)
Yet another confusing TNA crowd moment with the AWESOME debut of Mr. Anderson with the crowd going crazy..... only to then start calling him Mr. Overrated. I think this crowd just chants stuff just to chant it and don't know what is happening half the time. Good match, Anderson gets the win.

AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle
This match made the $34.99 I spent to watch this PPV worth it. A great match with a great old school feel of a finish. AJ Styles using the title belt to lay out Angle and get the win, and then celebrates the win with Flair in the ring. Appears to be a heel turn by Styles, but with the TNA crowd, you can't tell if they loved it or hated it, who knows.

All in all, good PPV, and worth the money spent. It's been a LONG time since I paid for a wrestling PPV and felt like it was worth it. But yeah, thats right, tonight, I watched WRESTLING. And it felt good.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bubba The Love Sponge On The Haiti Tragedy

I seriously hate this idiot, so damn much. His radio show is the most unfunny worthless crap I have ever listened to. I listen to Howard Stern all the time, and Bubbas idiotic show is on the same channel, so sometimes Bubba will be on when I get in the car and I wanna punch myself in the face for it. But whatever, what makes him a D-Bag today? It was this post on his Twitter account...

"I say fuck hati. Why do we have to take care of everybody our country is in shambles. Bubba"

Yeah. Really? Like... really? Bubba is like a lot of retards on the internet. They just wanna say something shocking and controversial so people will think, OH MAN HES SO CRAZY AND INTERESTING! Well guess what, its more like, OH MAN, WHAT A GIANT DICK FACE. Listen, Bubba The Fuck Rag, Our own country isn't in damn shambles. Everyone who cries and complains about the economy is an idiot. I am one of the many of Americans who have been laid off from their jobs, I have been out of work since July actually, and yet with a new car, a house, and a kid, I am still doing just fine. And no matter how crappy our country gets economy wise, it's still in better shape than the rest of the world.

The Dudley Boys got it all wrong, the Nasty Boys don't ride on Hogans coattails. Bubba does. More than anyone else.

Friday, January 15, 2010

TNA impressing......WWE Stagnant

For a long time now TNA has been happy with being an organization that put on good chain wrestling and subpar storylines for feuds. It is crystal clear that with one huge acquisition in Hulk Hogan, you can literally feel the passion in the business. As I watched IMPACT tonight, I can see that the story building is getting better and better each week now. (Not drastically but they are almost at par)

Perfect example is how IMPACT ended. Tomko (who i really can't stand....his promos are awful) loses to AJ Styles and then starts beating on him. Kurt Angle, who was watching the match, runs down and knocks Tomko out the ring. Kurt hands AJ his title, sticks out his hand in respect, and AJ walks right out of the ring. I literally stood and applauded in my house by myself (yep I did). The reason is because you have a two baby faces building up the heat the BEST possible way. Now they could have just shook hands and been "Man i respect you so goo ga ga" AJ walking right past Kurt builds the heat so much better because people love tension. AJ is saying, "Thanks for my belt, but that’s the only time you’re gonna touch it". I LOVE IT. Plus having Ric Flair on TNA has absolutely thrown me for a loop right now. NEVER saw that coming. TNA is taking chances, something the company was reluctant to do for a long time. One thing we know about Hogan and Bischoff is that they will have no problem taking chances. I'm looking forward to Angle and Styles at Genesis. Should be one HELL of a match!

On the flip side, WWE has done nothing special to wow us with in ring ability. It is what I said to a friend of mine last year. TNA needed WWE stories while WWE needed TNA's sense of urgency and desire. TNA got Hogan and Eric Bischoff, two men who know WWE stories better than most. While we are still watching DX (which has me yawning) and Super Cena who has his three moves of doom and will never give up....really. There are a couple things that WWE has me interested in however. One is Bret Hart being an active part of Monday Night Raw feuding with Vince till Wrestlemania. This story has been long coming and has the potential to being one of the greatest endings to possibly the most controversial feud in wrestling history. The other is the push Sheamus is getting. He has the physical presence of that the Ultimate Warrior had but is better on the microphone by a looooong shot. I honestly thought Cena was going to regain the title, but now that Randy Orton is the challenger, which I think is absolutely a brilliant feud in the making, this means SPOILER ALERT Cena is going to win the Rumble....not really a shock since Vince loves Captain Hustle. If Sheamus continues to get a push all the way to Wrestlemania, there is hope WWE will start thinking of better house shows and TV events. Of course since Raw got a 3.7 rating this week, Vince won’t change much. Which means….yippee….another celebrity guest host.

Right now my hat is tipped to TNA. Thank you for trying to bring wrestling back to its glory days. I hope you continue to get better each week and force Vince to rethink his strategies a bit. But there is only one way for that to actually happen isn’t it fans? The answer? EVERYONE TUNE IN TO IMPACT ON THURSDAYS!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who Could TNAs Big Talent Acquisition Be?!

This Sunday at TNA Genesis, it is Hogan and Erics first PPV for TNA. And they have a big mystery talent acquisition lined up, so lets take a look at some possibilities...

Highly Doubtful, but ya never know...

Yeah, this is a long shot. But, The Rock has denied hosting Raw, and has been ducking and not getting back to Vince who is really trying for a Cena vs Rock match at Wrestlemania. Could it be he might be coming to TNA?

Another Old Timer?

Could Macho be returning to TNA? Doubtful.

Maybe, just maybe....

This seems like it'd be a good bet, but I still dunno.

It'd be a safe bet!

This seems like the most likely choice, over anyone, I would be putting my money on Kennedy showing up at Genesis.

Stone Cold to Guest Host Raw!!!

It's a fact. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will man the helm on March 15th, two weeks before Wrestlemania XXVI. I understand this this isn't going to be like any other Stone Cold visit in years prior. I doubt there will be beer guzzling. I know for a fact that there will not be finger gesturing. Maybe a stunner or two, but I am still excited.

Now, I'll be the first to tell you that I wasn't a huge Stone Cold fan during the attitude era, which is preposterous considering he was the face of WWF during that time. I don't know what changed my mind. Maybe the fact that it seemed WWE was trying to put Cena in a position that would seem he was the man taking over, but I, personally am excited to see "The Texas Rattlesnake" back, even if the venoms gone if you will.

Its also a breathe of fresh air having a pro wrestler host, with the disgrace McMahon is putting before us in regards to his guest hosts. For God sakes, freakin' Napoleon Dynamite is hosting! The Guys from "Psych" are too. Its just a disgrace personally, that Vince is trying so hard to push away from the wrestling business. It truly is sad.

So back to my topic, Austin 3:16 is back. Hell yeah!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tyson Returns but no "Cold Stone"

Ah here we go again. Another "ingenious" decision by Vince McMahon to invoke on another quest for rating dominance. This angle is brought to you by unimaginative CEO's: Where ideas are not original, they are refurbished!

Vince has made a celebrity guest host on Raw this week(surprise). It is none other than former "baddest man on the planet" Mike Tyson. This is yet again another attempt on rekindling old story lines from the glory days of WWE. This just makes you want to cry in excitement right? Well, maybe crying from yawning so hard your tears ducts fill and stream down your cheek.

For those who do not know the story behind Mike Tyson and WWE, (Since a lot of people were asking who Bret Hart was last week), Here is a summary:

At the 1998 Royal Rumble Mike Tyson was in the press box watching the match. Stone Cold Steve Austin eliminated the Rock to win his second Royal Rumble and would go on to Wrestlemania to fight for the WWE Championship. After Stone Cold won Mike Tyson was interviewed, called Stone Cold "Cold Stone", I laughed myself pink and side note, Shawn Michaels beat Undertaker for the title. The story was for Mike Tyson to be the Guest Referee at Wrestlemania fourteen and be perceived as a Member of Degeneration X. Austin went into the match a huge underdog, but in the end came out on top thanks to Mikey turning on Shawn.

It was a good storyline and it kept a lot of people interested during the time. Vince obviously feels that since Mike was seen in the big movie hit "The Hangover" he could ride the curtail of the publicity. Bringing Tyson back really isn't the issue for me and some fans, its the elongated plot of the guest host every week. Yes I admit i was excited when i saw Bret last week, but its because he is a WRESTLER. If you have Stone Cold host I'll watch. Even if The Rock hosts, if he isn't too busy retrieving teeth....Really Dwayne? "Tooth Fairy"? COME ON! The point is this, Vince needs to focus on the core values of professional wrestling otherwise his product will continue to become stale, rigid and without character.

He is pushing younger talent. That is an upside for the company. Yet the problem still remains with poor stories for talented characters. There is little to no chain wrestling and matches are no longer than 6-7 minutes! The pay per view matches are decent but even some of them run only 15 minutes long. What happened to iron man matches? Bret and Shawn were talking about their 60 minute Iron man match last Monday and you literally hear the crowd getting fired up about it. Yet instead we have Triple H playing fetch with Hornswoggle. It's not funny, it's not cute and its certainly not what DX used to be. More importantly its not what this business used to be. Vince thinks what we mean by what it "used" to be is the storylines he did back in the day. No Vince what we mean is good chain wrestling with spots that are entertaining and make the crowd pop. Undertaker and Shawn had the greatest match of all time last year at Wrestlemania and its because the two worked the spots to near perfection. McMahon needs to have all the talent watch that match over and say, "Aspire to do that every night you go out". That is what is needed on Monday's Tuesday's Thursday's and Friday's Vince. Get the young guys motivated to perform and not just sell themselves on the Microphone. Push the talent to be better wrestlers!

Bringing back Mike Tyson could be good for ratings but lets be realistic here. Mike is a product of an athletic brand that is near extinction. Many kids watching wrestling now don't even know WHO Mike Tyson is. (He had a video game for the regular Nintendo remember? Mike Tyson Punch Out thats how long ago). It is safe to say that WWE Monday night Raw has become a laughing stock of what it used to be. Unfortunately, Vince sees the cash flowing in regardless of wrestling fan pleas and that my friends means business will continue as usual.

Tyler J. Howard

Saturday, January 9, 2010

To WWE - Man up!

Earlier today, I was going to write about either how WWE needs to bring back the cruiserweight division or how sick I am of the guest host concept, but I saw something for the second time that really got under my skin.

I was able to get WWE - TLC earlier than others which I'm very proud of. As I was watching it today, I saw something that really disgusted me, not only as a fan but as someone who wants to one day become a pro wrestler. During the opening match, Christian had his legs pulled out from underneath him while holding a ladder. As he came down, the ladder smashed into his face, causing a cut to form above his right eye. Instead of continuing as he has before in other brutal ladder matches, the match was put on hold for about a minute so that a doctor and the referee in charge could check on Christian's cut. Apparently I'm not alone as the fans began booing when they and Shelton Benjamin had to wait for the OK from the doctor.

This, for lack of a better term, pissed me off. It pissed me off because this isn't the first time I saw this in 2009, (the first time I saw it was during the falls count anywhere ironman match between Orton and Cena at Bragging Rights.) but it honestly makes the wrestlers look like wimps. Plain and simple.

I don't know if it has to do with the PG rating or something within the company, but I think it takes away the aura of the WWE superstars. A decade ago, we had hardcore matches almost every night, some brutal ones. Now, I wrestler can't get a cut on the top of his head without the match being put on hold. Even a year ago, I don't remember anybody checking on Jeff Hardy or Chavo Guerrero when Jeff jumped off the ladder onto Chavo during his match with Edge at the Rumble. I don't remember anybody checking on Orton when he got a pretty bad cut on his head last February in his match against Shane McMahon. This is a new policy that I believe destroys great matches.

I hope this is just a temporary phase for WWE. I really do. I personally feel it takes away from the wrestlers, the company, and almost makes it seem as if the WWE Universe is nothing but children. We don't need our eyes covered.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Top 10 WWF/WWE Themes Of All Time

Here is a simple list, hit play on each, sit back, enjoy. I'm not going to go into why each theme is at what place on the list, because this list will speak for itself, they're themes that moved you, made an impact on you, and when you heard it, you just knew you were about to see greatness. plus I'm lazy. Enjoy...











Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vince Russo Comments on January 4th's Impact and RAW

Vince Russo has posted his thoughts on this past Monday's showdown between RAW and Impact on his official Facebook page. Russo has been one of the most controversial, and many times hated figures in wrestling in the past 15 or so years, but his insight on the Monday night war is pretty much dead on here. Russo gives insight into what went into the planning of Impact, and how it took weeks of work to put together. Russo also points out that RAW put forth no other effort other than Bret Hart, and actually challenges Vince McMahon to "make things fun again" by putting on a better product to take on Impact. Love him or hate him, Vince Russo is at the center of what's going on in TNA right now, and he's been in the same spot with WWE and WCW in the past, and right now he is making a whole lot of sense. He says Eric Bischoff is coming across like Vince McMahon did 10 years ago, which could mean someone as motivated as Bischoff could really keep things on track for TNA. Check out Russo's full post below:

"It's Thursday morning, mountain time, as I sit here still trying to recoup from the series of events that led up to that monumental Monday.

As I sit here there is a staff meeting going on back at the TNA offices in Nashville that I am missing. Look, I'm going to be 49 in 17 days--I don't bounce back as quickly as I once did--both in mind and body. Right now, I can't mentally sit through a staff meeting--I'd much rather be sitting here in my office, listening to some Joe Cocker vinyl, and talking to you.

So, here I am--sorry Dixie, but I think I earned a pass on this one.

Before I write another word, I can't go any further without thanking all of you. A 1.5 is a tremendous, tremendous rating going head to head with "Raw", and nobody can take that away from us. Keller, Meltzer, all the other dirt sheet writers that some of you may know, can critique all they want--the bottom line is--TNA WON--PERIOD. However, the reason we won is because all of you came out. You came out and you watched TNA. Whether you were a channel changer, or not, you spent some time with us on Monday night and that's all we wanted. I can't thank you enough--I really can't. Without your support, Vince Russo does not do what I know I was born to do. Without your support--quite frankly--I don't know what I'd be doing.

We learned a lot, on Monday night as a company--a lot. We hit some home runs, but also struck out once, or twice--but that's OK. What really mattered is that we took risks. We gave you everything we had--and didn't play it safe. That's what Eric Bischoff and Russo/Ferrara both did back in the mid-to late 90's. Nothing was safe--NOTHING. The programming, whether it was WWF, or WCW was DANGEROUS. Never one time, no matter how hot we got--did Eric or I EVER rest on our laurels--NEVER. I can't tell you how long Vince has been resting on his . . . I honestly can't.

I sat in the production truck and I watched our show, side-by-side to Vince's Monday night. It was great to see Bret--I love the guy--always have. But as our show went on, and as I watched his, I just kept asking myself--"where's the effort"? Does Vince think that little of TNA that he felt that he could just produce "another show" on Monday night? I mean, you take away that first segment and that last segment, and you had a wrestling show that wasn't even mediocre at best. Again--going back to the 90's--that NEVER, would have happened if Eric, or I were in Vince's shoes--NEVER. Resting on your laurels is the worst mistake that anyone can ever make--no matter what type of business you are in.

I remember back in the mid 90's--before Eric and WCW started killing us--the mentality of the WWF was simply--"Whatever we put out there--good, or bad--the fans are not only going to eat it--THEY'RE GOING TO LIKE IT!!!!" That's what brought about the era of Freddy Joe Floyd, the Goon, TL Hooper, The Mastadon, and of course--fake Razor and fake Diesel. That was Vince's attitude because there WAS NO competition--that's where Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan came in--the rest was history.

Vince McMahon is at that same place again. There was no effort on Monday night--because in his mind--there is no competition. Man--how can you be a "genius" and not learn from mistakes of the past. Now, I know there are probably many of you out there saying, "Vinnie Ru--why do you want to wake a sleeping giant?"The truth--he may be sleeping--but I don't really think he's a giant any more--maybe 6'7", or 6' 8", but not a giant. The truth--I don't think the creative team over there has, or ever did have, the creativity and the spauldings that a younger Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff ever did. The truth--I'm almost a 49 year-old man right now--and they STILL don't have the passion that I do. Look at the WWE history there since Ed and I left--where are the great angles? Where are the "Bret screwed Bret", stories? Where are the ones where DX pull up to the enemy's camp driving a missle launcher, or the one where the Rock joined the corporation? WHERE ARE THEY? Now don't get me wrong, Triple H putting a midget on a skateboard and rolling him around backstage may be entertaining to some--but I have to say--it fails in comparision to Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon.

Now, have guys gotten over themselves over there--yes they have--John Cena is a tremendous talent--Randy Orton may be the best I've ever seen--but where's the meat and potatoes--the stories. Now, you can say whatever you want about me--love me, or hate me, but you watch any TNA show and there are stories going on for everybody. Stories that build "character"--the same stories that built the D-Lo Browns, and the Mark Henrys, and the Kanes and the Val Venises. EFFORT goes into everything we do--EVERYTHING. Our challenge has been that we have so many young , inexperienced guys to get over at once--but that just takes time--we WILL get them over. But we're trying--we're trying for you the fans.

Which brings me to Monday night. On record here I will say that I have NEVER worked on a show any harder then that one you witnessed on Monday night. That show was being crafted for 6 weeks--every, single day of the week. We never stopped--NEVER. We tweaked, and tweaked, and tweaked until we couldn't even tweak anymore. We ran young Matt Conway, the junior creator of our staff--into the ground--he will never be the same again. Ed took time away from his elderly parents, who need him more then anything now--and I took time away from the thing I love most--my family. We didn't come up one, single day for air--not one. Eric called me on Christmas day--not to exchange pleasantries--but to work--and he did the same New Year's day. IT NEVER STOPPED!!!

And that's the point of this article. I'll be the first to say that Ed, Matt and I have been spending so much time in trying to help get the younger talent over--that we might have gotten ourselves in a rut. Even though we knew that it takes time due to our earlier history at the WWF--we were starting to feel like that gerbil that goes round and round in that wheel. That was until Eric Bischoff came along.

No, Eric and I did not like each other, yes, it is all documented in my new book. We were oil and water, we were just two different guys with two different mindsets and two different styles. At WCW we were BOTH put in positions that neither one of us wanted to be in. We were forced to work together--when we couldn't. Well--the truth is that Dixie Carter forced me to work with Eric Bischoff again. I didn't want to--but I had no choice. Dixie is the boss--I'm an employee--and I have to give the boss what she wants. I dreaded the day. I remember a few months back when I had to go meet Eric--with Dixie--the day following the Hulk Hogan press conference. It was the first time I would see him in ten years. Man--I swear to you--as the hours grew closer--I would much rather have had to go to the dentist and have him tear every tooth from my mouth--NO novacaine. To me--this was the meeting from hell.

So I flew to New York. Dixie put me up in some hotel that was so out of my league--that it made me feel even more out of my skin. Then came the monumental breakfast. I walked away thinking--"Has anything really changed here? 10 years--has anything changed?"

Then there was a phone call, or two, then Eric came in to Nashville to work with Ed, Matt and myself.

There's a lot in there to talk about--and I will at a later time--but let me get to the end of the story because I really don't have the time to write my third book right now.

The more, and more I worked with Eric--the more, and more he started to remind me of somebody. A guy that I worked very closely with some 10-15 years ago. A guy that was once so driven so determined and so MOTIVATED that he had me giving my life to him on a silver platter. He had me putting him . . . before my entire family. A guy--that oozed bravado--his favorite word. Eric reminded me so much of Vince McMahon 10 years ago that it was surreal.

But I'm not exactly talking about the "real" Vince, the egotistical maniac who loved no one more then himself--who treated everyone he worked with with the emotion of a cyborg--I'm talking about the Vince McMahon who had the passion to win at any cost. The Vince McMahon who didn't want to rest on his laurels. Eric made it clear to me by his actions--early one--that he wasn't there to take Dixie Carter's money--he was there to win. Love him, or hate him--he lit a fire under me. A fire that I really hadn't had for sometime. Eric provided HOPE--hope that TNA could be the #1 wrestling company in the world. And, when he talked about it--I believed it. I believed it because of his passion--the same passion that you witnessed Monday night--the same passion that "Raw" greatly lacked--the same passion that Vince McMahon lost a long, long, time ago.

And Hulk Hogan was no different. Again--put the personal feelings aside--that's not what this is about--this is about what those two guys--Eric and Hulk--came to do . . . AND THEY DID. They didn't just talk about it--THEY DID IT. Hulk sat in on production meetings, Hulk was a leader in the back--Hulk was the last to leave. You have to respect that regardless of what happened 10 years ago.

So on this night--Monday, January 4th, 2010, I publically give Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff the respect they deserved . . . and the respect they earned.

But remember--it's just the first page of what looks to be a very, interesting, third book for me.

And one more thing--c'mon, Vince--get back in the game--even if it's just for old times sake. Let's have some fun!!!



Dear Tammy Lynn Sytch, AKA: Sunny. We LOVE You.

Today, Tammy Lynn Sytch posted an attack on The Bella Twins through her Facebook, it stated the following:
"there's no excuse for any of those girls in their early 20s to get a little chubby. Wait until they hit 35 and everything slows the fuckk down. Then what? They are getting paid to look a certain way. If I was there right now, I'd weigh 118 fucking skinny ass pounds again!"

Well, after she posted that, most wrestling websites attacked her opinion of The Bella Twins, in which she replied back with the following:
would love to know why EVERYONE has a right to their own opinion and freedom of speech, but according to these "news" websites, IM NOT ALLOWED to have one????!! Is it b/c Im a woman?? Jim Cornette can rant about everything, and he's respected for it...I say ONE LITTLE THING and Im a raving bitch??? Double standards,... you assholes......hypocritial double standards.....F**k all of you.
Tamara Lynn Sytch:
is busy cleaning the house. Wrestling news site translation: I robbed a bank today and Im spending the money on plastic surgery

Tammy, this is Random Villain over here at Pro Wrestling News. And I want you to know something. You are 100% right about The Bella Twins. You are the ORIGINAL Diva in my book. And to this day, remain the HOTTEST diva that has ever graced the WWE ring. So even though all these wrestling sites blast you for your opinion, I agree with it. For two reasons, 1 because everyone can have their own opinion on things, especially you. And 2 because you are insanely hot, and I would cut off my left arm to take you out on a date anywhere you wanted as long as you paid for half.

Tammy, Sunny, you are hot, and the Bella Twins, need to take a few lessons from you.

Official RAW and Impact January 4th Ratings are in...

The Monday Night War version 2 is in the books, and without a doubt, it has provided more buzz and talk about wrestling then there has been in years. TNA provided a show that was loaded with surprises, changes, and overall the big time feel that they have needed for years now. WWE on the other hand provided a monumental return that many believed would never ever happen, that being the return of Bret Hart. WWE didn't give us much of anything different outside of Bret's segments, thus showing that they didn't feel overly threatened by going head to head with TNA. Well now the numbers are finally in, and TNA scored a 1.5, with an average of 2,200,000 viewers, which is their largest rating of all time. The number exceeded Spike TV's hope of at least getting their usual Thursday rating, and the talks have already begun that TNA may be moving to Monday Nights permanately. On the other side of things, WWE scored a 3.6, with an average 5,600,000 viewers for RAW. Now on the surface, WWE did score the higher rating, but this initial war was never about Impact beating RAW in the ratings, as everyone knew going in that it wasn't possible yet. The thing is WWE's rating wasn't much higher than it's normal rating considering they pulled out the huge return of Bret Hart, which is by far the most interesting thing RAW has featured in a very long time. TNA pulled out all the stops, exceeded their hopes, and started many new stories that will be fun to follow if they can continue on this momentum. Many have complained about TNA using old stars....but the fact of the matter is, these old stars have drawn money, and can help make more stars just by associating with the younger talent. TNA could have put all their young talent out there, they could have put on 5 star matches, and still no one would have cared. TNA has been trying that method for years, and nothing has clicked. Suddenly Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, Scott Hall etc. are in the house, and every one is talking. The biggest question is, can TNA continue to produce quality TV that will keep the viewers watching. My thought is, if anyone can, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan can. Say what you will, but they know how to take a promotion to the next level, and how to create interest. The interest is there, and TNA picked up huge momentum this past Monday, which may even in turn make WWE step it hope in future head to head Mondays. Hopefully the next step will be reporting news that TNA is moving to Monday nights, and we'll get to enjoy the excitement of weekly RAW vs. Impact.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TNA Moving To Monday Nights?! That's What Kevin Nash Says!

Kevin Nash posted something pretty interesting on his Twitter account today....

I think going head 2 head every monday is in the works.Spike was happy with the ratings.special 4 me to be back with the band,great night!!!

Very interesting indeed. I think the only way TNA can keep up the momentum they have from this past Mondays show is to move it to Mondays as soon as possible, and keep it live. Tapings are horrible, most people, like me, just read the results and don't bother watching the actual show before it airs. If TNA wants to compete, they gotta go head to head, and go live. I hope this is some real news, and not some crazed ramblings.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 4th, 2010 - What happened?

Since last night, I've read a few posts in regards to TNA vs WWE and what I expected to be, a monumental night in professional wrestling. A night that hasn't been seen in quite some time, at least since Vince McMahon bought out WCW in 2001. A lot of hype went into TNA and the TNA debut of "Hollywood" Hogan (in reality, Hulk Hogan almost signed with TNA in 2003, so it was more of a return, but thats off the subject.)

Now, please note, this is what I thought of TNA's 3 hour extravaganza and WWE's Monday night Raw with the return of the "Hit Man" Bret Hart, so, do not hold it against me as we all have our opinions on the subject. Sidebar, I read some comments on other posts on this subject. Laced with bad words. True wrestling fans for you.

Now, the first thing I thought was how Vince McMahon seemed almost, calm. I use the term "calm" because non like the competition, he had nothing over the top. Maybe it was because Bret Hart was making his long awaited return to WWE since the "Montreal Screwjob" or maybe something else, but Raw was like any other Raw in recent months, which I can only sum up with Okay. On the other hand, in TNA, you had the return of Hogan. We saw a "reformation" if you will of the nWo with Scott Hall and Sean "Syxx" Waltman, and Kevin Nash meeting in the ring, along with Hogan and Bischoff. You had the Nasty Boys, and a surprise, at least in my mind, return of Jeff Hardy and "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. It was as if TNA was pulling out all the stops on this one night. Fear of failure sure seemed as if it was on Hogans and Dixie Carters mind.

Early, I read an article which one man stated, TNA gave him a "nostalgic" feeling when he saw a lot of these men. Let me be honest here by saying, I don't watch new wrestling show for a nostalgic feeling but for knowing that the thing I love is going to continue. No offense to him as I do respect his opinion. If you're reading this, I apologize, but its true, in my eyes at least.

Back to TNA. I started feeling that maybe in the short term aspect of wrestling, bringing in all these big names of the past and present is great, but what'll happen when it runs its course? Instead of something new every week, or few weeks, they gave it all away. A spoiler for what could've been. On the contrary in McMahons Land, we had one big star that outshined the rest of Raw. The McMahon betrayal was good, let me say that. Seeing The Nasty Boys again? Not so much.

Finally, the matches on both cards. WWE had some mediocre matches. Fatal 4 way, first round of a tournament with one of the Bellas, Sheamus vs Bourne, and again, Orton vs Kingston. Matches, at least on paper, that wouldn't bring in much towards viewer. Again, almost relaxed. TNA opened with a Steel Asylum match, a knockouts title match, tag team knockouts title match, and Angle vs Styles for the title. It seemed they were pulling out all the stops. Again, short term, awesome! Long term? Not as good.

So, what is the outcome through my eyes? McMahon isn't seeing to much competition towards TNA, at least yet. If management in TNA is smart, they'll take it easy on the surprises. If they don't, they're going to bore its fans, plain and simple. WWE needs to pick it up a little bit though, as they're not out of the woods just yet. And personally, I do hope TNA delivers a better product because, as much as I love WWE, even I will say, it hasn't been putting out its best product since the TV-14 dropped to PG.

TNA is full of surprises.

TNA Impact was live on Spike TV on Monday night for a special 3 hour special.  It truly was a special evening full of many surprises including the long awaited return of the "Immortal" Hulk Hogan who was accused by the former members of New World Order of becoming corporate.  I believe that Hulk Hogan truly wants to change TNA and make it the number one wrestling promotion in the world.  No one would argue that wherever Hogan advocates, that company is supreme in this industry.  It took almost an hour for the expected Hogan to appear in the Impact Zone which made for some suspense even though I believe that the fans and especially me and my boys were begging and yelling at the television for Hogan.  On a personal note, I remember seeing Hogan live at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac Michigan at wrestle Mania 3 body slamming Andre the Giant.  On  a more positive note, it was no surprise that Eric Bishoff accompanied Hogan to the platform.  Both Bishoff and Hogan are going to bring the brains to the organization while TNA supplies the talent.  No one can argue about the talent that TNA possesses.  With the X-division, the cultural diversity, and the female wrestlers that are opposite of the WWE divas brings excitement.  Overall, I think Impact set out to accomplish its goals. The main event between Kurt Angle and AJ Styles was probably the best match that  I have seen on television in quite a while. That match is what us fans want to watch and witness each and every week.  Hogan and Bishoff have their work cut out for them but one warning to both of these men.  They are going to have to be careful of not repeating what they did in WCW destroying the company with pride and greed.  By the looks of the show last night I do not believe that that is going to happen not with Hogan on the helm. 
Several questions to ponder is this?  How will Impact follow up with the exciting show that was presented on live TV?  Is TNA going to travel and do live shows all over the country or continue to stay in Orlando?  Finally, With all of the new talent that showed up on Impact last night where and how are they going to utilize these assets?  

January 4th WWE Raw VS TNA Impact Thoughts

So, tonight, I had a choice. Watch Brets return to the WWE on Raw. Or watch Hogans debut in TNA? I went with TNA, mainly to give them the ratings in hopes it would drive WWE to make a better product, because for the past couple years, it's pure garbage. Bret coming back wasn't THAT big of a deal mainly because, he did come back for his Hall Of Fame induction. The whole Vince being pissed that Bret didn't shake his hand crap is stupid because when Bret was put in the Hall Of Fame, WWE has a giant image of Bret and Vince shaking hands on WWE.COM when it was announced he was being inducted, so whatever. Also Bret had already stated in an interview just last year that after all these years there is no use being pissed and upset about things anymore and he has put it all in the past. So again, whatever.

After watching both shows, it goes like this. WWE Raw was boring except for maybe 2 minutes. TNA Impact on the other had, did what it calls itself. IMPACT. From the first match to that epic AJ vs Kurt match, TNA kicked major ass tonight. Sure it probably won't be huge in the ratings, but if TNA keeps going at this pace, WWE could be in some trouble. But I think the only way TNA could keep getting bigger from here and rise more and more to the top is to go live. No more tapings. No more spoilers leaking out. Go live, go head to head with Raw. Give the fans every week what we got tonight, which was a choice. During TNA, I heard "WHO NEEDS BRET" chants, during Raw, during the Vince and Bret segment, I heard "WE WANT HOGAN" chants. TNA had some great matches, some good surprises, and a feel of the old school. WWE Raw had, the same crap, horrible matches, and Bret Hart to hug HBK and get kicked by Vince. Cause no one saw that coming.

To put an end on this historic night, it might not show it in the ratings, but tonight, to me, TNA won 1-4-10.

Monday, January 4, 2010

TNA vs WWE - How they could win, and how we could win!

Yes, I am aware that all of you that read this, or skim past it, know that Hulk Hogan has signed with TNA. I'm sure you are also aware that Bret Hart has signed a short term deal with WWE. I'm not here to break any rumors because, obviously, its out in the open. What I'm here to do is give you all my thoughts on how each company can easily take over the other. But please note, this is my opinion which means nothing in the wrestling world, but an overview as I stated, on how each company can take the other one out, or be taken seriously as a contender, and alternative wrestling product.

TNA has been going strong for close to eight years, coming into the wrestling world from the minds of Jeff Jarrett, and his father Jerry Jarrett. What TNA is is the alternative wrestling product to, what many would call, stale competition in WWE. With the company just signing Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, that have an edge within the creative team because you have two men that were in the forefront of the "Monday Night Wars" which ran through most of the 90's, and led a company that almost put WWE out of business, and carried quite an impressive streak within the ratings, toppling WWE at 84 weeks.

So how can TNA do what WCW tried to do? Be the total opposite of WWE. TNA has to be real and edgy, as opposed to WWE, which has taken the road of a more comedic, childish sense, even dropping the TV-14 rating and going more family friendly in the TV-PG department. TNA has to cater to the adult male demographic. They have to hit all groups or people who watch there show, and with Bischoff having a past in marketing, he'll know what to do and how to do it. And considering this is his second run at a company not under Vince McMahon, he'll know what his mistakes were and avoid them at all costs. Not to mention, they have an icon in Hulk Hogan, who, along with Vince McMahon, turned WWE, and pro wrestling as a whole, into a global phenomenon.

Now, for WWE. What WWE needs to do if they want to stay afloat in the long run is, first off, get rid of the guest hosts. While it was something revolutionary, it has slowly lost steam, which in turn, has effected the ratings. Personally, I think it would've been something new and exciting if WWE got hosts that actually knew about wrestling. When Ted DiBiase, Batista, and Dusty Rhodes hosted, I loved it because they knew what was going on. They knew how to sell the storylines and the wrestlers. When you have somebody like Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Barker, and Jeremy Piven who know nothing about it, even pronouncing names wrong, well, might as well bring Mike Adamle back. I think it would be great to just have one General Manager, and with Bret Hart back, I think he'd fit in perfectly.

Another thing they, being WWE, needs to do and make the product just a tad more for adults. Now I'm not saying bring back the Attitude era, but I'm saying, lessen Hornswoggle, lessen Santino Marella, and lessen Chris Masters and his dancing pecs. Also, Show more exciting matches. I'm sick of watching Chavo and Jillian lose every week. Shake things up a little, even towards matches. Expand storylines so they don't end after a month and a half, and please, lessen Hornswoggles time in front of the camera!

With TNA going head to head with WWE in January 4th, this could make for exciting wresting programming again, only if TNA doesn't mess it up first and ego's don't get in the way. If they do, WWE and its "Stale" product are just going to get more stale.