Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brian Kendrick Released by WWE

WWE announced the release of Brian Kendrick earlier today. No reasons have surfaced yet, but unless this was a release based on a wellness policy violation, this is another stupid release by WWE. Kendrick came from Shawn Michaels Pro Wrestling Academy around 7-8 years ago, and was always a talented wrestler, even though he was rather small. Kendrick had been in and out of WWE over the years, spent some time having some classics in Ring of Honor, before eventually returning to WWE and being put in a successful tag team with Paul London, with the duo even winning and having a long run with the WWE Tag Team Titles. I think the real breakout time for Brian Kendrick, was when after being drafted to Smackdown last year and breaking up his tag team with London....Brian debuted with a new heel gimmick, that being "THE Brian Kendrick." He suddenly had some pizazz, and colorful outfits, and really shined with charisma. Sadly, WWE did nothing with it, and while he had great performances, and even aligned with a new bodyguard, Ezekial Jackson, Kendrick was never put in the spotlight at all. This year Kendrick was drafted to RAW, and was started an angle where he was looking for a tag team partner to go after the tag belts with, but the angle went nowhere. Kendrick worked as recently as this past Monday, losing a quick match to Kofi Kingston, but still pushing a feud that had apparently just started the week earlier with Jerry "The King" Lawler, who Kendrick lost an impromptu match to. Hopefully more details will come, but it sounds like another case of WWE not knowing what to do with a talent, since the main event picture has pretty much been the same for years, with no change. I'm sure Ring of Honor would gladly take Kendrick back, but TNA could really use him as well as part of their attempt to be different than WWE, and of course Japan is an option for him as well. Brian Kendrick is his real name, so wherever he goes, he'll be able to keep that name. Kendrick is another guy I look at and see the star power that could be brought out of him if Paul Heyman was booking somewhere...and it continues to suck that he's not.

Monday, July 27, 2009

TNA Signs Deal with Playboy; Traci Brooks to Pose Nude

Ladies and Gentleman, Pro Wrestling Roundup's call was heard, and TNA Wrestling has signed a deal with Playboy that will feature the Knockouts posing nude in the magazine. Back in May, we called for TNA to get the Knockouts in Playboy, being that WWE is going TV-PG, and was going back to the boring 90's style of wrestling. Well now TNA is doing exactly what we said, and is making the statement that they are a different product than WWE, and is a place for adult wrestling fans to get what they want. TNA is kicking things off with Traci Brooks being the first TNA Playboy cover girl, and she'll also be posing nude in the magazine. Traci will be doing a promotional tour with autograph signings to promote the magazine this October, so that means the magazine should be coming pretty soon! Of course we think it's a great deal for TNA, and mature adult wrestling fans who don't enjoy WWE's bland product. Wrestling fans should have options when they want to see the hot women of wrestling naked, and TNA is now providing those options. Traci Brooks will kick things off, and rumors are already swirling that Playboy cover girl Christy Hemme will return to pose again, and SoCal Val will pose as well. Here's to hoping the Beautiful People and Tara also jump on the bandwagon, and also that the Playboys sell well, so we can get a long series going of the TNA Knockouts naked in Playboy!

For a hot preview of Traci and SoCal Val, check out the Traci Brooks vs. SoCal Val exotic fetish match below!

DOWNLOAD - Backstage Brawls Vol.4 (Tracy vs. SoCal) Barefoot ED.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Brock Lesnar - MMA Super Heel

The talk of the MMA world is Brock Lesnar not only unifying the UFC Heavyweight title by avenging his loss to Frank Mir, but also Lesnar's pro wrestling style promo that followed the fight. The lines have clearly been drawn and MMA fans hate that Brock Lesnar is bringing pro wrestling style entertainment into the MMA world.

It was bad enough for MMA die hards that hate Lesnar to watch him beat Mir convincingly, after months of build up and hope that Mir would once again catch Lesnar as he did in their first fight, and take the win and title. No such luck as Brock came prepared this time and steamrolled Mir's ass, plain and simple. What followed was Brock Lesnar solidifying his spot as UFC's top draw and no doubt MMA's biggest heel.

UFC is all about sportsmanship and respect, Brock Lesnar is about selling tickets and making money. Lesnar first let us know that he told Mir last year that he had a "horse shoe stuck up his ass" so he "pulled that sum bitch out and beat him over the head with it." The crowd was enraged....then Lesnar pissed off Dana White as he cut on Budweiser for not paying him any sponsorship money and pointed out that he was drinking a Coors Light. Then he topped things off by saying he "might just get on top of his wife tonight (that being former WWE Diva Sable.

The crowd erupted in boo's, Lesnar responded with a double middle finger for them, it was the WWE Attitude era all over only in MMA. Of course now MMA purists are saying UFC is a work, or the respect is gone, or it's all about money. Well WTF people, UFC sells tickets, gets bigger and more popular, and people are mad? People actually think guys LET Lesnar win? Anyone saying that must not be watching because it's stupid. What it boils down to, is that people can't get over the fact that a pro wrestler entered MMA, and answered the question people have had for years..."How would a pro wrestler do in a "real" fight?" Brock answered and answered loud, and now no one can handle it.

Now Brock is the main man in UFC, the man who people will buy pay per views to watch win, or the man people will buy pay per views to see who can beat him. It's a winning situation for everyone, and should be for MMA fans too, but they're too busy bitching. To me, MMA is a hell of a lot more entertaining with some color and without every guy doing the same boring thing without any hype. Why does EVERY guy have to be respectful? Let them be themselves, let them talk shit if they want, just sit back and enjoy. I've never seen so much buzz in MMA. Everyone is talking about Brocks fight, his promo, or who his next opponent could be. The winner Shane Carwin vs. Cain Velasquez could be the next opponent for Brock, but everyone knows that Dana White needs to give us the fight that will draw more interest than any other in the current MMA scene...that of course being Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor...and if that happens, the Brock hate will increase, right along with the cash streaming in to UFC.