Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Matt Hardy No Longer Belongs in WWE

I'm sure anyone who reads this headline will think "Oh another blog about Matt Hardy's dastardly turn on his brother Jeff at the Royal Rumble," well, yes and no. Matt's turn on Jeff at the Royal Rumble was great, everyone on the net just KNEW Christian would be the one helping Edge out, and we've reported on this site how it's great that WWE went with the swerve. Well then, something else happened, the angle was so good, the Matt Hardy fans lost it, and attacked Matt on his Myspace, and drew a lot of attention on the net from various sites reporting how Matt pissed off a lot of people and his die hard fans were eating this angle up. But then, all this build up, all this hype surrounding what could be Hardy vs. Hardy at Wrestlemania, was all brought down and just about killed. As reported earlier today on our partner site DevonLohan.com, Matt Hardy got mad people were believing it and exposed the whole thing as fake. Now, we know a lot of you out there know the score, you know wrestling is entertainment, etc. BUT, as evident on Hardy's site, there ARE people out there that A. want to suspend their belief and just feel the real emotion of the situation, or B. they just totally believe what they're seeing, and enjoy every minute of it. Yes, those people are STILL out there. But as reported by Random Villain on the other site, Matt Hardy went on his Myspace, and told the world that he loves Jeff, it was all just for show, and was just doing his job as part of the "storyline." WOW, really? Matt Hardy has the hottest angle in WWE, then shoots it down by letting everyone know they shouldn't get TOO involved, because none of it's real.....WOW. I officially have to agree with comments made by Eric Bischoff a few weeks back about Matt Hardy, he is mid card talent, and has no respect for the business. What an idiot. Seriously, he threatened to take people off his Myspace friends if they took it too far, WOW. I can't get over the blatant disrespect to the business, and this guy being that stupid as to not realize that the more mad people are, the more they'll watch, and the more money he'll make. But this loser deflated the whole thing, and once again, screws up his main event chances, just like he did a few years back when he had the hot angle with Edge, until he was given a microphone, and gave the corniest, little bitch boy interview ever, deflating THAT angle, and making sure no one could get behind his whiny ass in the story. Well this is it, Jeff will now kick his ass, and after that, Matt can go have a mid-card feud with more mid-card talents just like he did back then. Hopefully the Hardy's just wrestler at No Way Out, and that is the end of it. I was ready to see a monumental classic at Wrestlemania 25 with Hardy vs. Hardy, but now i just hope this "fake feud" ends as soon as possible.....thanks Matt, the touch of old school magic that was just starting to show, was surely put to rest thanks to you.

Mickey Rourke vs. Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 25???

Ever since the movie "The Wrestler" came out, the critics have raved and the critics and people within the wrestling business have praised the movie, but it wasn't until the award nominations and victories started pouring in that WWE was turned on to the movie, and they are actually promoting it now, which makes sense for both sides, given the amount of publicity the movie is getting. But now WWE has stepped it up, and has plans to bring in the movie's star Mickey Rourke on to their grandest stage, Wrestlemania 25. While attending the SAG awards, Rourke announced that he had accepted Vince McMahon's invitation to Wrestlemania, and is coming after Chris Jericho. Now the Jericho mention seems kind of random, so maybe Mickey let things out of the bag sooner than he was supposed to, but the minute he mentioned it, the sparks flew and rumors were abound. Earlier tonight on RAW, Jericho addressed the situation, and mentioned Ric Flair by name as also being involved with this Rourke situation. So now the question is, what's in store for Mickey Rourke at Wrestlemania? Could we see Randy "The Ram" Robinson become a reality and enter the WWE Universe, and step into the ring and take on Chris Jericho at WWE's biggest event of the year? Or are we simply talking about a small angle between Rourke and Jericho similar to last year's Snoop Dog involvement at Wrestlemania 24. Hopefully being it's only January, and already WWE is planting the seeds for a major confrontation with Jericho and Rourke, we will actually see Rourke put on the tights one more time, and take on Chris Jericho in a match, and possibly see Ric Flair either in Rourke's corner or maybe as the guest referee for the match. This match would be perfect for Wrestlemania, as it most definitely has that "special" feel to it that many Mania matches have, and Chris Jericho is the perfect guy in the role, as a veteran who is great in his role, and can have a descent match with Rourke, who has trained with Afa of the Wild Samoans, so he can definitely follow Jericho and pull off an entertaining story and match. With WWE giving us some great long story lines right now, many of which will all come to a head at Wrestlemania, this added attraction match could be an awesome added feature match if WWE can pull this one off.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Suck It Spoiler Fanatics

This is a post for all you so called "smart marks" out there. I just wanted to write and say ,"hahahahahahahahahahahaha" to all of you. I heard so many of you say "Christian is the one who is attacking Jeff Hardy. He is going to be at the Royal Rumble. It's confirmed, it's not a rumor." In a day when the internet wrestling community is trying to destroy the mystery and surprises that made me become a huge wrestling fan, I will take every opportunity possible to rag on all of you who think you are in the know or have some special kind of source that the other two million wrestling fans don't have. When Matt came out with the chair,I said to my friend'" Please let him hit Jeff.....Please!" When it happened it was a great moment for me as a fan. I believe it is the beginning of a really great feud. I also felt like it was a statement by the WWE that Mcmahon( not to mention a lot of fans) is getting tired of internet rumor rubbish. I was actually going to be disappointed last night if the attacker turned out to be just Christain simply because I have read it online for the past month. I hope this is an indication as to how unpredictable the road to Wrestlemania is going to be. If Vince has some guys working for him that can simply look online and see what everyone is saying is going to happen and then do something else, the internet won't destroy wrestling like some say it will.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Randy Orton Kicks Vince McMahon in the Head, Ushers in a New WWE Era?

Was it just me or was WWE RAW really good tonight? I know the road to Wrestlemania tends to be pretty good with Mania being the biggest show of the year and the best stories WWE can produce are usually showcased around this time of year, but this year it's earlier than usual and the stories and characters are picking up big time.

The JBL/Shawn Michaels story is tough to really believe, but a great story and delivery none the less. JBL has once again renewed himself as a top main event level heel, and along with Chris Jericho, he's receiving great heel heat. But one man is now receiving all the heat, all the attention, even some chants and pops from the crowd, and that man is Randy Orton.

Earlier tonight, the much anticipated and hyped return of Mr. McMahon took place to a great crowd reaction and handled the situation with Stephanie and Jericho, which saw some great TV that had Jericho getting major heat and then Randy Orton came out and hurled insults at Stephanie and then Vince. Vince demanded an apology, and as I watched Orton and McMahon stare down.....the intensity was just awesome, and then from the distance, you hear the chant "RKO! RKO! RKO!" Hmm, but Orton is the heel in this situation, yet the fans crave him to go nuts and beat peoples ass? Sounds a little "Stone Cold" like to me.

A new era was ushered in around 1996 when Steve Austin decided to say screw authority, and start kicking anyones ass he felt like. Well, the moment Vince prepared his "YOU"RE FIRED" for Randy Orton, only to have the holy piss slapped out of him, and then Orton kick his head off, wow, it produced a great moment, pure chaos, with EMTs, agents, and Orton's Legacy group coming out to handle the madness. So Vince is back after 6 months, then the day he comes back he's punted in the head, which has usually kept guys out for descent amounts of time in the past.

Totally unexpected, totally unpredictable, which has me enjoying WWE again. We have the Royal Rumble this weekend and instead of an over hyped edition of RAW that only pushed the pay per view, we got madness. I can't call a Rumble winner and hell I can't even name one definite match for Wrestlemania 25, when's the last time THAT happened?

One thing is for sure, Randy Orton is quickly becoming THE top star in WWE, and tonight's blatant buck of the highest authority has kicked off something that could be very exciting to watch on the road to Wrestlemania 25!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Couple Of Updates From the Crypt

As of January 16th 2009, Bob 'Hardcore'Holly is officially released from his WWE Contract

TNA's Legitiamte InjuredList:
Steve 'Sting' Borden
'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner
'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash, Who has also Signed a new 3 year TNA Contract
Christy Hemme
Awsome Kong
Robert Roode
'King Of the Mountain' Jeff Jarret
Frankie 'Kaz/Suicide' Kazarian

I feel all these injurys plus the fact that steve 'sting' borden and Brother Ray are both condsidering retirment after this year, count as huge blows to TNA we will have to see if TNA can survive through this inury list. And it isnt only TNA that are losing out WWE have released some big names and some not so big names, The only thing that some people can take comfort in is that WWE are trying to get Trish Stratus for Wrestlemania and Gail Kim making her TNA In ring return soon.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stone Cold Steve Austin is Headed to the WWE Hall of Fame

Well it's official, Stone Cold Steve Austin is the first inductee in the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame Class. Although at first I had the feeling that while Austin was of course deserving, it just felt too early being Austin was still raising hell just a few years ago in WWE. But after seeing the video package WWE ran on RAW this past Monday to announce Austin's induction, I was convinced that now is a great time for Austin to go in. It brought back so many great memories of the days when Austin was setting RAW on fire every single Monday night, and wrestling was just so fun to watch back then. It's changed so drastically now, sometimes we need a reminder of just how great things were about 10 years ago. Austin will no doubt be the top name inducted this year, and what better place for him to be inducted than his home state of Texas. The only thing that could make this weekend just a little sweeter, would be Stone Cold stepping into the ring one last time. I have no clue if that's possible or being talked about, but unless WWE brings in another legend for a dream match with Austin which i doubt, WWE would have to pick one of their current stars to match up with Austin, and sadly, the only match I can think of that would be WrestleMania quality and provide the electric atmosphere, would probably be Austin taking on John Cena....and damn that would be awesome to hear Cena get boo'd right out of the state of Texas if he was up against Austin at the biggest show of the year. So what's everyone think? Happy to see Austin in? Any predictions on a possible Austin match at Mania? Drop some comments and lets talk about the one and only Rattlesnke himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hardy as champion, HBK/ JBL storyline

Hello wrestling fans and haters. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a joyful New Year. I just wanted to touch on the two major storylines developing on Raw and Smackdown. Since my last post, Jeff Hardy finally did it. He became WWE Champion after nearly two years of fans screaming for it to happen. I personally thought it was done very well and am extremely pleased to see the most popular face on the show actually win. I wanted WWE to wait and save the culmination of a Hardy/Edge fued for Wrestlemania 25 after Hardy won the Royal Rumble but they can make this work too. I do like how they have instantly threw him into a contreversial storyline with some unknown attacker apparently trying to take him out. Now I know many of us have a good idea of who this assailant is going to turn out to be but this is a really intriguing way of bringing him back. It also makes me believe that this time around the WWE is going to push him as a main event guy instead of a mid carder like last time he was here. For you fans who don't know who I am talking about here, just scroll down and read. I personally don't like giving out spoilers but some do. I have nothing against those who do it's just not my thing. Back to the subject though. There are so many angles they can begin of off this and I am intersted to see where it all goes. Now for the Raw HBK/JBL storyline. I will be honest with you guys-at first i thought this was a pile of trash. Are we supposed to sit here and just accept that one of the biggest stars in wrestling history(Shawn Michaels) is broke? When I first seen this one developing I felt insulted as a wrestling fan. But now after a few weeks of it I have drawn a different conclusion. JBL is still a great heel and HBK is 1 of the best in-ring actors of all time. They have actually managed to make this thing an amazing story! Every week I find myself wondering if this will be the week that HBK will finally stand up to Layfield or will this be the week he turns heel and tells all the fans he cares more about money than he does them. It's the main thing I watch Raw for now. I have came close at times to forgetting who the champion even was ever since SuperCena won it back but this keeps me watching. Keep it up WWE. This is why I watch-storylines that have a big payoff in the end (Hardy soryline) and storylines that keep fans emotionally involved( HBK/JBL storyline).

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

WWE's New Show with WGN

WWE has announced a new Two year contract with WGN America for its newest TV Show 'WWE Superstars' The show its self will not feature any recapping moments from all three brands,and will only feature WWE superstars that were popular at one time eg D-Lo Brown, Ricky Ortiz, Goldust, Jamie Noble and are now struggling to get onto the main card on the Three brands.

I feel this is almost a slap in the face to these superstars that were big in independant Wrestling orginisations or big in the WWE/WCW or ECW, a few years back. The hours they are hoping to air the show will come into conflict with Spikes Total Nonstop action wrestling(TNA) as the new wwe show will air and hour before and straight after tna goes off the air.

I believe this is Vinces attempt at getting to TNA, and with tna growing in popularity all round the world including the UK and Japan, i feel that this is vinces way of trying to bring in more veiwers.

Maybe because his other 6 shows arent pulling the veiwers like they used to?

Monday, January 5, 2009

WWE/TNA Angles getting sick?

To introduce Christian Cage to his new WWE contract, its rumoured that theres going to be an angle involing WWE Chamion/Ex TNA superstar Jeff hardy and his fiancee in which both of them are supposed to be part of a hit and run automoblile accident in jeffs home townand has been said they may reveal Christian as the driver, the angle will show jeff to make a recovery but his fiancee will be seriously injured, it has also been rumoured that Christian has been spotted around The RAW arena during the tapings,

If this is shown to be the storyline i would lose alot of respect for Chrisitan and the WWE, but i have always felt that storylines in both WWE and TNA were always a Bit outlandish and absurd, Take Kane and Triple H's Fued in 2002, When Triple H reveald Kane comittited necrophilia on a a girl called Katie Vick, Or in TNA when It showed Abyss's manager James Mitchell was rele his father and abyss had shot him in the back several times.

I would love to see wrestling storylines being brung back to simpler times but still have all the high flying hard hitting hardcore action we see today.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Few Updates

Well first of all id like to start with a Few Intresting relationships going on in the Pro wrestling business.
Frankie(KAZ) Kazarian Is now Engaged to TNA Knockout Traci Brooks. ( Lucky You know what lol)
Mark Calaway AKA The Undertaker Is Dating WWE Diva Michelle McCool.
Kurt Angle Has been seen Dating TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan

Ex TNA and WWE Star 'The Wildcat'Chris Harris Is Taking individual bookings

TNA's newest gimmick Suicide from TNA's video game impact has made a few apparances and has been played by KAZ but due to an injury(due to the unique entrance) has put kaz out of action so TNA is thinking of replacing kaz until he fully recovers .