Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tommy Dreamer - The Legend will live on in name only.

On the December 29th edition of ECW on SYFY,Thomas James Laughlin, aka, Tommy Dreamer wrestled his final match, in a losing effort to Zach Ryder. This came as a shock to me and I'm sure many others who have followed Dreamer's career from up and comer in the old Bingo Hall, later bestoyed the ECW arena, to recieving the moniker "The innovator of violence" to a roller coaster couple of years in WWE.

Now this is just me, but without Tommy Dreamer in ECW, those letters may as well go back to Eastern Championship Wrestling because without the "heart and soul of ECW", you have nothing and no one that represents what those letters really stand for. All you have now is either wrestlers who are on WWE's radar for past mistakes (Christian, William Regal), wrestlers who aren't good enough to carry themselves just yet on the bigger shows, (Vladimir Koslov, Ezekiel Jackson, Zach Ryder), or wrestlers who are trying to make a name for themselves to move on up the ladder of WWE(Yoshi Tatsu, Vance Archer). On occasion, they have an Extreme rules match to commemorate what ECW used to be, but even then, its nothing like the original.

Rumors have been flying around that ECW is going to get cut from SYFY's timeslot for weak ratings(0.9-1.2) so maybe its a blessing in disguise as I'm sure Tommy knew if it does happen, he would be receiving a "best wishes in future endeavors" on and a space in WWE's alumni page.

Let me say, that if Tommy does decide to go to TNA, ROH, New Japan, All Japan, even AAA, I do wish him luck in future endeavors because even if he's past his prime and his body is, I'm sure, giving up on him, he should be remembered for more then just being the "heart and soul of ECW" but a legend and innovator that started a revolution of the hardcore sense, because HE'S HARDCORE!!!


  1. Great post, and great sendoff for Tommy I would like to see him in TNA, but ROH would use him better I think. With TNA going to war with's still fun to keep that 1 small gleam of light alive that Tommy is going to join up with Paul Heyman himself, and give the alternative wrestling fan something to get excited about...again.

  2. Thanks Extreme Ed, really appreciate it. I think it would be fantastic if Paul E and Tommy came together, but with WWE and TNA going head to head and ROH coming it third and having somewhat of a battle with Dragongate USA, it would be hard for another upcoming promotion to make a name for itself. But, if any two people can do something like that, It'd be Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer. ECW reunion? That'd be great.