Monsters; Why doesn’t it work?

On December 4, 2009, the wrestling world lost another big man in Eddie Fatu, better known as Umaga. God rest his soul. He will be missed.

With that being said, Umaga was just another man-monster who lost his grip over the wrestling, in his case, WWE. A mistake management made. That mistake being, Umaga talked. And I know that his release had nothing to do with fans not getting behind him but a wellness policy violation, but that’s off topic.

“The Samoan Bulldozer” was is one in a list of men who lost there sizzle because of mistakes like this. That mistake being. They became normal and spoke. Now if I may go in depth on this topic I have chosen and break down three wrestlers who, because of this, weren’t all that intimidating at the end. Let me just say now, some of you won’t agree with the last guy, but I think he fits in perfectly.

First off, Kane. Kane seemed invincible when he first arrived in WWF back in 1997, even with loses to The Undertaker. For goodness sakes, he was set on fire(his arm was at Unforgiven 1998) and he still kept going the next night on Raw. The downward spiral began when he Chyna started working together, then again, when he and Tori began working together, allowing superstars like Sean”Xpac” Waltman to defeat him. Soon there after, he began talking, which in turn, made him even more human. While WWE fixed it ever so slightly by having him remove the mask in a Mask vs Championship match vs Triple H on Raw(June 23, 2003), he soon after lost that intimidation again. Now, he loses to Rey Mysterio(no offense to him but c’mon!).

Now, The Great Khali. While nobody will ever mistake him as a great technician, when he arrived, he was a scary man. For lack of a better term, he was indestructible, and for a while, he was undefeated. A few years later and a few shows later, The Great Khali turned face and began talking, or trying to talk in English, when his infatuation over Santina Marella started. “Your sister is hot!” really stuck in my head. That was also around the time The Khali Kisscam started. That speaks for itself.

Finally, the manthat, in my opinion. fits perfectly in this, Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar made an immediate impact in WWE the night after Wrestlemania XVIII(18) when he destroyed Buh Buh Ray, Spike, Maven, Al Snow, and soon after, The Hardy Boyz. This mean streak would have him stay undefeated,winning the WWE Undisputed Championship from The Rock at Summerslam, and defeating The Undertaker in a classic Hell in a Cell match at No Mercy, 2002. A month later, Lesnar would lose the WWE championship to The Big show at Survivor Series. But what had he started doing not long before this match? Talking. Cutting promos. Once he became a normal dude with superhuman strength, he would go on to tap out, to two different men (Kurt Angle at Summerslam, 2003, and Chris Benoit at Survivor Series, 2003.)

He lost his aura. They all did and it was because the fans sympathized with them because they weren’t monsters anymore. Its easier to sympathize with a regular guy then it is a monster. Thats why people die in horror movies. Nobody wants to see the monsters talk out there differences, whether it be in movies or in the ring. I know I wouldn’t.

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