Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Monday Night War, part two!

Recently, Hulk Hogan shocked the wrestling world by saying that he and TNA were going head to head with WWE. They’re going to hold a 3 hour live show to match with WWE Raw. Same night, same hour. This is the same thing Eric Bischoff did with WCW back in the 90’s. Do they really think its going to work this time around?

Now, this may be just me, but the difference between the Monday night Wars of yesteryear and the more the likely rebirth of this war is this. When WCW did it, they had talent that was still in the prime of their careers, at least for the most part. They had the NWO, led by Hogan, Nash, and Hall. They had Bill Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page, Bret Hart, and let us not forget the Cruiserweight division.

TNA, on the other hand, has an aging Kurt Angle, aging Mick Foley, as well as a hand full more of aging talent. There storylines are similar to ones that have been seen in wrestling for years, but we can’t blame them for that, as WWE has done the same thing. The only thing they have going for them is the X division which is something WWE lacks tremendously. And while WWE is trying to catch up, I will say, TNA’s knockout division is far superior then WWE’s divas, but again, WWE is trying catching up.

I think it’s ridiculous that TNA wants to go head to head with WWE for a huge reason; the ratings. I understand that ratings are an essential part of wrestling today. That being said, TNA’s rating are nowhere near where they should be, at least to have the gull to challenge WWE. Their ratings are around the 1.0-1.5 while WWE’s flagship show, Raw has hit the 4.0 mark on occasion. TNA Impact has been on course with WWE’s third brand, ECW, which is not a good thing.

I say it’s not a good thing for the simple fact that ECW has become something of a breeding ground for new WWE talent, and at only an hour, is tying TNA’s two hour show, which has huge names in the card. Names like Kurt Angle and AJ Styles.

So let me ask again. Does TNA management really think it can go head to head with WWE and Raw? Personally, I don’t think so. With the exception of AJ Styles, all the other men that have held the TNA world title in recent memory have had bigger success in WWE. Styles is the homegrown boy and no offense to him, he’s great, but, he’s nowhere near as popular, or well known as John Cena, Randy Orton, or Triple H.

So to top this off, Do I think TNA is ready? No. I don’t. Do I think it will, or it should start a rating’s war? Yes, but that’s just as a wrestling fan. Everybody will tell you that wrestling in the 90’s was the greatest thing going and it was because companies were “pushing the envelope” to beat one another. I would love to see that again, but I don’t think TNA is ready for that just yet. I’ll be open minded and say that maybe in two years, it can go one on one with the great one, to steal from The Rock..or Dwayne Johnson. Sorry.


  1. I think you are somewhat wrong...when Nitro started, there was no nWo, no Goldberg. Just an "aging" Hogan and Flair.....Sting, no one else stood out too much. They used surprises like Lex Luger on the first show, and later the nWo to take over the ratings. I think TNA can do this with Bischoff behind it again. Steal talent, give us surprises, outdo WWE's stale product....they have the right people in place to do this again.

  2. That is true and I thank you for that but when you say "the right people" who do you mean? Just curiosity.

  3. You are right, TNA is done, WWE is bringing back Bret TNA has no chance.

  4. Thank you. I was shocked when I read that. I think its long over due tell you the truth. I understand that the "Montreal Screwjob" was a slap in the face of Hart but its the past. Thank goodness he was able to move on. Now that he's back, I think he's going to help The Hart Dynasty beat DX. It probably won't be on Monday but soon. Thanks for reading my post.