Thursday, December 24, 2009

If You Are A Wrestling Fan. Then You WILL Watch TNA On January 4th.

Listen, this is very simple. If you care about wrestling in any way at all, then you will tune in and watch Impact on January 4th. Yeah Bret Hart coming back is cool, but you can record that, watch it later. Give TNA the ratings it needs, or we are all doomed. What do I mean? I mean the crap that you saw this past Monday night on Raw, with Johnny Damon, Gay Sgt. Slaughter, Little Peoples Court, and that Tiger crap, is what our wrestling future holds. TNA fails on the 4th, WWE will do nothing but air complete garbage all the time, because it can.

So it's up to you. Watch the Wolfpac reunion and see what Hogan and Bischoff have up their sleeves? Or, watch HBK run around like an idiot for the millionth time? You choose.


  1. Are you joking? Watching The Wolfpac reuinite is the very definition of "for the millionth time."

    Also the average person isn't calculated at all in how ratings are tabulated. If you aren't a nielson family, watch whatever you want, nobody will know or care.

    I probably won't watch either one, they both look really terrible to me. NEW IDEAS PLEASE.

  2. iam going to watch tna oh eahh but i think thy should have biggar place to put pepole int

  3. If you think corny comedy, obviously bad scripted acting, and utterly stupid storylines that center around a midget.....go with WWE. TNA may not be everyones favorite, but Hulk and Bischoff have done great things for wrestling before, and they kno what they're doing. WWE deserves to get their ass kicked after last Monday.