TNA Lockdown Thoughts

Last night, I attended the TNA Lockdown Pay-Per-View at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia. It was the first ever TNA pay-per-view in Philly and they had a nice crowd. There were some nice suprises and some moments that were just ghastly. Below are my thoughts.

The dark match between Eric Young and Danni Bonnaduci was horrible. Danny had trouble bumping and the whole match lasted about six minutes. I wish I had gotten to the arena at 7:59 rather than at 7.

The X division championship was probably the second best match of the night in my opionion. Actually it was prob. better than I originally thought because I found out Christopher Daniels wrestled as Suicide because Kaz didn’t return when he was supposed to. There were some really nice spots in this match especially involving Black Machismo and Consequences Creed. The finish was expected but overall, not a bad match.

The Queen of the Cage Match wasn’t good. ODB got a great pop (along with Cody Deaner) and worked fairly well. Other than that, the match was a throwaway.

Unfornuately, due to me losing a bet to my friend Christian causing me to have to buy him a drink, I missed most of the Motor City Machine Guns match. Sorry.

Matt Morgan vs. Abyss…Enough said about that.

The TNA Knockouts Championship Match fell short of expectations for me. I am a huge Awesome Kong fan and she really didn’t do as much as I hoped for. She had an insane spot where she missed a moonsaut which was awesome, but the finish sucked (that was def. a theme for the evening).

Finally, we come to by far the best match of the evening….Team 3-D vs. Beer Money Inc. Again, I was hoping they would really push the boundaries and take it into the street but they only made it as far as the concourse. There were some nice spots in this match, including two table spots (of course). The Bubba Bomb from the top rope was awesome. I still don’t know how he still has a tail bone after all of those but I digress. The finish was fine with the 3D through the tables.

Now, the worst match of the evening. Team Jarrett vs. The Main Event Mafia. I was so pumped up for this match because of all the superstar power. AJ Styles had a sick spot when he fell through the top of the cage. That was pretty much it. Nash lasted about 30 seconds before he ducked in the corner the rest of the match. The finish was horrible!!!! We thought Jarrett might turn on his team but he hit angle with the guitar and Styles got the pin. Horrible.

Now, I am not a big Lashley fan. But, when he came out, the crowd, including myself went nuts. It was very unexpected.

The main event was again not great. It lasted about 10 minutes and didn’t involve any even decent spots. The finish was the worst of the night with Foley and Sting both climbing over the cage with Foley landing first. The most suprising part was that Foley actually won the title.

After they went off the air, Team 3-D came out to celebrate with Foley and the fans and gave and nice speech regarding Philly as having the best wrestling fans in the world.

Overall, the show was not great at all but had some small bright spots. To be honest, I’m partial to WWE…However, my seats were great and free. So, I can’t really complain. lol.


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